Alternative Energy

A new wave of technologies is on the verge of producing energy that’s clean, renewable, and most importantly, affordable.

I made this video for my Web 2.0 class a few years back. It gives a quick overview of the most prominent alternative energy sources that are gaining momentum today. I hope you learn something new and enjoy the video! I do now own any of the images used in the video, all rights reserved to original artists. The video is for educational purposes, so feel free to use it in class or use it to study.


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  1. myozone says:

    Another answer is to reduce global population…

  2. lukechalloner says:

    I agree with you, the current oil-based economy is definitely unsustainable. However I don’t believe that we would have to reduce the amount of power we consume. I strongly believe that if we can safely master Fusion power in the next century or so, we will have a clean energy source that will last for well over the life span of our planet. There is enough Deuterium in sea water to sustain the average energy output in 1995 for over 150 billion years.

  3. dcj991 says:

    How the hell does that even happen

  4. eastariel says:

    Hydrogen loves to fly. It’s light as Heaven and radiant beyond belief.
    Carbon is Earth’s grand art medium. It’s a well-grounded expression of creation.
    They belong together. They’re a match made in Heaven.
    They can mate in the figure 8s of infinite energy. In their union is born Harbon — a temporary element of fusion that retains the properties of both parents, yet radiates powerful energy, which can be tapped in home generators.
    We can let those sleeping dinosaurs rest in peace.

  5. fueltestkit says:

    …and threatens our national security!

  6. fueltestkit says:

    “…since the ’70’s…So why are we still wasting time with ethanol made from non-sustainable, inefficient, farm sources? It’s time for the public to demand our government invest in alternative energy sources that actually have benefits and make sense- Stop wasting tax-payer funds on energy sources such as oil/ethanol that only profits those industries, while hurting our environment, independence, engines and pocketbooks…

  7. kamokilla2000 says:

    I think there is plenty of jobs/money to be made with alternative energy, but yea that’s probably not the answer like MYOZONE said. So we should just keep doing what we usually do and hope less and less people drive their cars, fly on airplanes, or take their boat trips. Problem solved……….

  8. burns83 says:

    Pfff ethanol is as contaminating as petrol. The crisis is not about supply(controlled), its about cleanliness. rubish

  9. boumar19721972 says:

    “Enhanced Geothermal System” FTW!

  10. Dwvose1 says:

    Search for Star Scientific Limited. Looks like they have solved the problem with muon catalyzed fusion

  11. UNFRKNBLVBL says:

    i want to learn hjow to create alternative enageys

  12. heartlessvietboy says:

    Does a gallon of algae (fungus) make a gallon of gasoline? Because its not algae as you think. Its in liquid form.

  13. havenjm says:

    Renewable energy is the way of the future, and has huge business potential. We are creating leaders in the field of green energy every day. If you have the spirit and mindset to get out in the world and educate people about renewable energy, you have unlimited potential in this field.
    Find me @fundgreenpower on twitter

  14. TEHGROUND says:

    I really don’t get how it would… I mean I’m Christian and I honestly don’t care what religion you are or if you’re not religious at all.

  15. jesuitenquelle says:

    Nuclear Plant sucks.

    otherwise we will suck..

  16. Makeames91 says:

    Oh, Youtubers are such a special breed of special… a video about alternative energy spawns a religious debate.

  17. Makeames91 says:

    Oh, Youtubers are such a special breed of special… a video about alternative energy spawns a religious debate.

  18. curingaging00 says:

    Man… If only we had used all the money we spent in the wars in the middle east instead of to rage war, but instead to invest on green energy. Wars don’t make our world safe and secure, gradually moving us to a more sustainable fuel source is what will make it happen. oil and coal are finite sources and cause lots of polution, and the population will be above 8 billion by 2040,
    we should had used that money to invest in making green energy better, and more of it.

  19. beancube2010 says:

    You should lobby your govt to deploy alternative energy generators in all high speed rail projects.

  20. manic42018 says:

    we could do that but they would call it cyber terrorism and stop it with there laws like we are suppose to follow em just cos they same them im all for the one’s that stop immoral people and crimes but the one’s that wont result in danger for anyone other than the participating parties are just way too controlling.

  21. Ryoudreaming says:

    The technology is here for an open source direct democracy. In other words, a representative republic is outdated and we can build our own system using the internet and crowd sourcing.

  22. HeleneLerner says:

    Great Alternative Energy videos. We just posted a three-part video covering the installation of wind turbines in New York City’s East River. We must keep inspiring young people to think about careers in STEM!

  23. MrRationalThink says:

    on the top of buildings, (vertical windmills), and on mountain ranges. America has millions upon millions of available land. WIndmills could be put anywhere if they were coupled with a hydrogen production facility, as means of storing and transporting energy over distances via pipelines. Its simple if we tried. We went to the moon for gods sake!

  24. rsewthefaln says:

    Where would we put six and a half million windmills?

  25. doctornov7 says:

    This really helped with my revision. Thanks.

  26. Aesop2011 says:

    Nice and very helpful presentation. Thanks.

  27. Watevalala1406 says:

    this helped me out for homework

  28. Kragatoua says:

    god damn, now i have my project done ths m8 🙂

  29. 19Daniela95 says:

    oh ok, lets just continue using fossil fuels…NOT

  30. MrGarruk123 says:

    Great video

  31. FuzionUmP45 says:

    thanks this helps me project

  32. ACE999LUFFY says:

    that helped my homework thanks 😀

  33. SereneiBE says:


  34. DarthCupcake666 says:

    Good video. Just one problem with Wind energy that contradicts what you said about fossil fuels being bad. Did you know that when wind turbines do not have wind to power them, they have to use jet fuel? Just wanted to point that out to you.
    Good video though. I’m going to use a simliar to process to make my next 2 videos.

  35. robowen11 says:

    thank you so much this helped me with my project a lot

  36. Varyalover says:

    Yup, I’m pretty shure the average person can afford a 21.5 trillion dollars for a windmill.They can also use dams. Which is even more. Oh, and also solar panals. NOT

  37. thinkingthingsthru says:

    Solar and wind never become viable. Society needs massive amounts of energy due to large populations.Wind turbines are only being built because of goverment subsidies.They are a disaster, cost more then a nuclear plant (installed $/kw) capacity factors of only about 25%(see DOE statistics) , their induction generators are causing grid problems, they take up massive amounts of land. Electric planners rely on only 8% of their capacity for peak loads. Renewables are bad for poor, higher rates.

  38. JavierVMaldonado says:


    ww FIGU org, ww TheyFly com

  39. JavierVMaldonado says:

    What can we do, as individuals, and also in a collective way, to prevent or lessen the effects of this catastrophe, if its not already too late?




  40. JavierVMaldonado says:


    Source: FIGU FORUM

    Question done by a Forum Member:


    Thank you, BEAM, the Plejaren, everyone at FIGU, and everyone else helping your mission.

    It seems as though the catastrophe that you described in contact 469 on the 11th of August 2008, regarding the depletion of oil reserves and losing the ability to transport food and goods, is starting to unfold.

  41. TheSyuFan says:

    I’m going to borrow some of your ideas for making my vids. I’ll be sure to put your name for your credit

  42. investgreen says:

    cool video

  43. 411American says:

    For the last 50 years Govern-Mentalists lied to us about becoming independent from OIL now they are waring over it.

  44. beancube2010 says:

    Why should all these wind power locations ignore solar and geothermal power alternatives? Are wasting your resources the major income resources for our existing industrialists? What about those high speed trains? They occupies a lot of your invaluable landscapes if you don’t design more compact and robust designs for electricity generating devices that can be polled up easily. You should lobby your govt to deploy these devices as basic requirement for your high speed trains.

  45. skiingguy124 says:

    What about geothermal electricity?

  46. windturbinesinc says:

    Many countries are now aware of the many benefits of wind turbines in generating electricity. It doesn’t contaminate the environment aside from the fact that wind energy has unlimited resources. In this case, we can expect that the supply of energy is never ending. One good thing is that, this resources is just for free.

  47. JOOGAL1111 says:

    sorry forgot about the new one to, ocean acidification, geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzz aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  48. JOOGAL1111 says:

    i dont have hippy friends just people trying to get through our worst winter for a 100 years worrying about paying bills. Global warming s so much bullshit, o dear a 100 years from now this might happen who gives a fuck, Your type of arsehole will still be here in a hundred years on the streets wearing your the end is nigh sandwich board selling the next eco scare story. I gave up believing them after the next ice age scare the acid rain the hole in the ozone. Last words yours TTFN

  49. robrice2004 says:

    well I’m sure your hippy friends that cant get a job wont blaim that on the money the goverment spends for solar and wind turbines,,,so if all the people in the world die from global worming thats ok if that happens but if some people have to suffer for 10 or 20 years for technology to catch up,,,I think it would be better for your hippy friends to suffer than to destroy the world and kill us all, so you hang your head in shame for trying to kill us all

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