Backyard Wind Power

Some homeowners are installing wind turbines in their backyards. These windmills are connected to the grid, and deliver renewable, green energy to the owner’…


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  1. sweetiepienumber1 says:

    I hear you my friend as this summer was $450.00 a month for A/C. My brother has been working for a while to start an alternative energy company. Startup investors say they are committing millions by 5:00 P.M. today! I wrote a year ago for a blog regarding William Kamkwamba, search what he did with nothing: William Kamkwamba TedTalks how I harnessed the wind.

  2. psychedelicbilly84 says:

    I understand what you are getting at, but there will never be a way to avoid accidents, especially when it comes to birds. I mean hell, I put special “whistles” on my car to avoid hitting animals, but I’ve still come pretty close at times, luckily I do the speed limit and pay attention. I’ve seen many birds die from flying into windows.

    I understand what you mean, I’m just really pro windmill right now. I have to deal with a co-op power company and they suck the money right out of my wallet.

  3. sweetiepienumber1 says:

    Problem – Millions of birds, including Bald & Golden Eagles, owls, & hawks r thought 2 die a yr as result of power line interactions. Solution – Fortunately solutions do exist, & power companies have become increasingly willing 2 implement, as a single avian electrocution incident can disrupt electricity service 4 thousands of customers at a time.

    Answer isn’t find another way 2 kill birds. My post “Love it” & ends ” I think it’s a great direction just keep evolving & best intentions :)” 🙂

  4. psychedelicbilly84 says:

    You do realize how many birds die per year on existing electric lines?

  5. sweetiepienumber1 says:

    Love it, but… can’t do this exact chopper on every home and if you did can you imagine how many birds would be killed? The idea isn’t free energy, it’s clean energy that does no harm in my opinion. Free or cheap will be great and one day when we use nature to it’s potential we will have it. This is a start, but clearly has issues, e.g. birds, noise and skyline…. I think it’s a great direction just keep evolving and best intentions 🙂

  6. sunsensational says:

    I love turbines but I think I heard at least three things in this piece that are untrue.1st- 600 kW a month seems hard to believe. 2nd – power will continue when the wind doesn’t blow or the grid goes down If a battery bank is incorporated into the system which is relatively easy. 3rd She is not the first person to incorporate a micro wind turbine into an urban type environment.

  7. Genaro Tabag says:

    <----  NEW: Efficient & Multi-purpose Gearbox for Fuelless Motor, Fuelless Generator and Wind Turbines

  8. christian walker says:

    They got massive ones in Holland all along the roads they look majestic up close. They have used old ones for centuries for sawing wood, draining the wetlands and many other industrial uses.

  9. Nicholas Sullivan says:

    How are conservatives against this? It’s on someone’s private property and they are just expressing their “freedom”

  10. SmallWindTurbines says:

    Home wind and solar is here and kickin’ now. We have installed systems on peoples homes all over the place. I have posted some installation videos to look at. Home wind turbines are the way to go, nice video.

  11. Hayden Staggs says:

    Not many green builders live in 5000 sqft lol

  12. CrapPolice says:

    Missouri Wind and Solar has it figured out. Great products and support.

  13. Tyler McDonough says:

    My local public library has solar panels on the roof that not only provide for the building’s power, but the power of the buildings around it! With the extra money coming in from reduced power bills and from the extra electricity, it has been able to improve it’s building a lot! I don’t know why more places don’t do this.

  14. DOC884 says:

    Why so many dislikes?
    Am I missing something?

  15. chios1958 says:

    How long before you recoup your investment?

  16. legalizeshemp420 says:

    I agree that we need more, cleaner and safer, power but just look at China and if they had all of the nuclear power plants they need where would they send their rods? Burying the problem encased in cement for 20 thousand years doesn’t solve the problems associated with fusion reactors but what the hell ever happened to the work of fission reactors?

  17. thinkingthingsthru says:

    Oh did they shut down Units 1&2 I didn’t know that? South Texas units 1 & 2 at full load could supply power to over 2 million homes at full capacity which nukes typically run at. .Although their spent fuel is toxic they don’t produce anywhere near the waste of a fossil plants. IMHO with US population at 313 million and growing and the world at over 7 billion you need large central energy sources especially now because countries like China & India have energy needs that are exploding.

  18. legalizeshemp420 says:

    I lived, for as short of a time as it was, under the South Texas Nuclear Power Plant and while the power was very clean those rods sure weren’t and it had all sorts of violations that forced it closed and concreted over. If we had as many Nuclear power plants as this country needed where would all of those rods go? Expended rods would be in the millions and that is where the main issue is with that.

  19. thinkingthingsthru says:

    Back to solar. The government is wasting so much money on solar and renewables when they could be building nuclear central power stations like France. The tens of billions wasted on renewable energy could be spent to help the poor and reduce costs cor college students.

  20. thinkingthingsthru says:

    I gotta disagree with you on solar making money. It is very expensive and can’t compete with central power stations. Estimated installed cost of solar is about $5000/kw but lets say is only $3000/kw. If I get 1 kw for 10 hours every day that would be be 3650 kw-hrs per year.(note not likely) At 10 cents a Kw-hr form utility I pay them $365 for the year. So I get payback in a little over 8 years assuming nothing happens to the solar panel in that time period. A business has to pay a pro to insta

  21. legalizeshemp420 says:

    I agree. What I never understood is why shopping malls haven’t slapped a PV panel on each parking lot light pole with a battery setup. The savings would be immense EXCEPT the local electrical company gives them cheaper rates the more they use (ass backwards I know) under contract for businesses and that is why Tennessee is not a state for alternative energy.

  22. legalizeshemp420 says:

    Here in TN Solar will get you your local electrical rates plus 8 cents and wind is local electrical rates plus 4 cents. SUCKS but they did that because wind has the potential of 24 hours a day of output whereas solar has around 5-12 hours depending on the month (July is the longest solar per day here in TN).

    The really cool thing is that if you ever managed to 1:1 (use 1watt and produce 1 watt feed into the grid) ratio you would get paid. It really is a lucrative deal here in TN.

  23. legalizeshemp420 says:

    We had marginal wind in the Nashville area and slightly more here in the Memphis area due to all of the storms we get. The thing is you really should put up solar first then augment it with wind for best collection.

    BTW, here in TN all of the hydro spots are taken I found out last year. Sucks, and while off the subject that only leaves us with Solar and Wind left.

  24. kumar jive says:

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