Charge Controller Overview PWM or MPPT?

Here is a basic overview of PWM compared to MPPT controllers. Hopefully it will give some basic knowledge for you to grow your solar choices. SolarPenny.com …


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  1. Alan Heath says:

    Extremely useful video. I was thinking that I had bought the wrong
    controller for my motorhome but now I think what I got was correct.

  2. BILAL SAGAR says:

    I am confused which one to buy.
    I have UPS of 4200 Watt’s
    with 48 Volt’s / 4 batteries 200 Amp each
    And 12 Solar Panel Each 100 Watt

    Which one is best for me and how much Amp it should be.

  3. Solar for Green says:

    Thanks for the info.

    But what if I use say a 24v solar panels in series and connecting them to a
    24v batteries through a PWM , will there be any loss in energy ?

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