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Building Solar Panels and Windpower System: After receiving my download rights for Energy2Green product I was initially impressed by how easy it was to obtain all 4 of the e-books. Each e-book is a separate PDF and all of them are loaded with information. There are 2 e-books that cover Building Your Own Solar Panels and 2 e-books on Building your Own Wind System.

Each guide within its own category complements the other and combined there are over 120 pages of helpful information on each topic. You by no means have to read every single page of the Energy2Green guides in order to get moving because each section is well labeled for you to get to the nitty gritty in a hurry if necessary.

If you’re a novice on the subject to need to worry. Each guide goes into comprehensive detail and will give you a thorough education on the subjects as you read through them. What I thought was a huge bonus were additional reference guide for each of the topics. There were both professionally done and could easily be sold separately for the same costs.


On top of the e-books, there are 4 Video Tutorials for Building Your Own Solar Panel which go step by step from just materials all the way to a nice looking solar panel. One thing I initially thought was a drawback was that the videos are annotated vs. being verbally narrated, but as I went through them it proved not to be a snare as the annotations were appropriate where needed.

Just a few of the many topics covered within the Energy2Green guides on the subject of Solar Power are as follows:

• Why You Need Solar Power
• Estimating Your Power Consumption and Need
• Designing, Purchasing, and Building Your New Solar Power PV System

Over to the Wind Power side of things:

• Will a Wind Turbine Work For Me?
• Choosing The Right Turbine and Components
• Installing Your New Wind Electric System

One final note, and what I thought would prove to be very helpful for anyone who’s building their own solar/wind power system is that the Energy2Green guides each had sections on scheduled and preventative maintenance for these units. These guides not only hold your hand and instruct you on how to build these units, but they teach you how to keep them in tip top shape.

I would highly recommend the Energy2Green guide to anyone who’s interested in building their own solar power systems or wind power systems for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a pre-fabricated one.

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  1. Mahmad says:

    dit :Bonjour,Je ne voudrais pas vous coarrntier, mais un panneau photovoltaefque assemble9 en France ou en Allemagne, l’est e0 base de cellules chinoises e0 80-90% !Et dans la chaeene de valeur, l’assemblage du panneau ne repre9sente que 10-15% de son prix final.Jean-Luc

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