Installing solar panels on a house

In this video I had the chance to speak with Jeremy with Puget Sound Solar during the installation of solar panels on a house in Seattle. He does a great job educating people on the importance…

http://topdiysolarpanels.com Look at the difference (hint: there is no difference) between commercial solar panels and Do It Yourself Solar Panels. All of this is explained in the website:…
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  1. ThisIsTurok1 says:

    Solar panels are too inefficient for consumer use.

    Early-adopters are fucking idiots.

  2. mettu ram says:

    if I have installed 2KW solar panels, but my house requires 5KW
    how does this unit work ? Is it smart enough to take 2KW from solar and
    remaining 3KW from the main grid ?

  3. FlyMeAirplane says:

    Way to avoid the question on the value of the system. 2KW of panels X 8
    hours of sun a day x 70% for not tracking the sun = 11.2KWH/Day. We pay
    $0.11 per KWH here so that’s $1.23 per day from this array but in Seattle
    on a cloudy day you’ll get 0. Cost of system = $6000? unless the
    contractor really ripped them off. Payback is $450 a year so in only 13.5
    years (best case) you’ll get your money back, Is it worth it? Only for do
    it yourselfers! 

  4. Christopher Anthony says:

    I was interested in solar, until I found out that my electric company would
    still charge me, since the house still has to be hooked up to their lines.
    It would take a very long time to just break even after you’re done
    spending the money on the install. 

  5. Solar Companies Gold Coast says:

    Installing solar panels for the comfort of your home, you need to be aware
    on how your home will get renewable energy. You will have to consider the
    cost and benefits if you install solar panels.

  6. moral majority says:

    nice job!

  7. I. Langevin Walter says:

    OR You can buy those now for under $1/W and $15 shipping (at least to NY
    where I live). I’m not part of the company *aboutsolarcells.comxa.* *com*
    but I would feel bad to see people pay $300 for one of them if they can get
    it for half. Dude, I like your videos but lets try to make solar more
    affordable! Go Solar! and please like this to get it up higher in the
    comment list…If did help you

  8. Eduardo R. Servin says:

    I’m in Texas and put solar panels in my house. After about a year, when
    the rains came, I started leaking on my roof. I have shingles just like in
    this video. Is there an easy way to seal the leaks without taking off the
    panels? Thanks for your help.

  9. I. Langevin Walter says:

    This is where you will learn how solar energy is produced and about the
    solar panel system that you can create.*freeenergygeneration.pixub.* *com*

  10. NatureBoy says:

    Lots of good comments and some nasty ones as well. Like all energy sources
    and really anything, there are costs and benefits. You may disagree with
    the price to benefit ratio, yet keep in mind that while solar power is an
    investment that is partially recovered through energy savings, rebates and
    other incentives, it also often increases the value of your property and
    always increases its value to the next owner by reducing their bills.
    Short-term expense aside, the often overlooked benefit is in solar’s
    ability to provide truly clean energy while prolonging our supply of all
    the truly dirty sources that have very expensive pollution issues, not to
    mention their enormous burden on every tax payer to build, maintain,
    legislate and operate…not too even mention the hard and soft costs of
    disagreements over energy with our neighbors. America has an opportunity
    with Solar to lead the world to a sustainable future with fewer
    energy-based conflicts. Please consider more the long-term benefits and
    keep in mind that as Solar becomes more and more popular, the basic
    short-term entry price point, will become more and more affordable forever
    changing the price to benefit ratio some hang their entire thought process
    on… Basic Supply and Demand with a dose of Economies of Scale will
    overcome price concerns, but over time. In the meantime, the direction
    Solar is leading us and the opportunity it provides gives hope to every
    living creature… And, yes it is a bold statement, but none the less
    true…think on it!

  11. Del Styen says:

    Commercial Solar Panels are Expensive.
    If you want to power your house cheaply
    Simply Go to Google and Search for:
    *Top DIY Solar Panels Research*
    Choose the First Result.
    It has the plans and explanation there

  12. itsreal1971 says:


  13. Tobbie dinning says:

    How much each solar panel

  14. Charles Bronson says:

    That Sounds like a great plan! Now put it to work. Get your equipment over
    time and you will have everything you need before you know it. You can
    produce your own power. Its so easy with some research! Good Luck Brother!

  15. khmerog1 says:

    you dumb shit..the whole point of solar and other renewable energy is not
    just to save your selfish kracker ass money but its to use less
    non-renewable energy so we can have more later down the road.

  16. JO3haNsum says:

    what about in the night jeremy? do the solar panels work ?

  17. leitchz10 says:

    @JO3haNsum That’s why the solar panels charge batteries. So that you can
    use the power from the batteries while there is no sun. The next day the
    panels re-charge the batteries.

  18. tweety30number11 says:

    how many solar panels will you need to power normal home????

  19. Dexter William says:

    I just want to buy the darn thing.

  20. Jon Topham says:

    oh really? so you have battery backup? how much did that cost you? if not
    then you wont have power if the grid goes down, assuming you are grid tied.

  21. Joe surfer says:

    Using photo volteic panels to create electricity is very expensive. Hot
    water panels pay for themselves though with electrical savings

  22. FTLNewsFeed says:

    Two reasons that I can think of. 1) I believe he said that the Solar Panels
    are only producing a 1/3-/1/4 of the energy that that the house is using.
    2) The energy that the Panels produce is usually not being used by the
    house, as he said it goes onto the grid, but when the house does use energy
    (usually at night) the electric meter turns forward again and so it counts
    against the net balance of energy that the Panels provided during the day
    (and they get paid for any negative difference).

  23. SneakyThew says:

    guy with crazy ideas has crazy favorites

  24. Titan Solar says:

    We are a Solar Power company. If anyone has any questions send them over
    @Titansolarco Cheers and have a sunny day.

  25. Joan Christopher Rodriguez says:

    His estimate is based in Seattle. From what I’ve heard, Seattle doesn’t get
    as much sunlight as rain! I would think this would be higher in Southern
    states. However, even then, the avg. efficiency for solar panels I’ve seen
    is 12% and even if running at max efficiency, they wouldn’t really help
    when your house uses 2k kilowatt hours in a month!

  26. Eric Taylor says:

    Where is this video you made that you mentioned about putting the panels

  27. Walkertongdee says:

    This guy is right about everything! Listen to him please before making DYI

  28. DOCTORY2010 says:

    Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else trying to find out
    how to build a solar panel for your home try DIY Solar Panels by Samtawkes
    ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my work
    buddy got amazing results with it. 

  29. Jok3ySmurf says:

    Love your metal roof. It’s pointless to install solar panels over shingle
    roof. Metal the best way to go. Good Choice man like the video

  30. jmway5929 says:

    Good video. Really appreciate walking through whether its worth it to do it
    yourself. Looks like the cost of panels has come down quite a bit since
    this video though. I found a 150w Mono panel on Amazon for $300 shipped.
    But if you have the know how, its always worth something to know it was
    made right.

  31. misledmatt25 says:

    Can you use non yellowing plexiglass or would these panels melt it from the

  32. Learn It Do It says:

    estimated cost


    Mate good hint more positive less numbers wil make the vid more lookable

  34. Plystire says:

    “had to get the BIG ladder out to get up here” … “big” ladder isn’t even
    extended. Lol

  35. Learn It Do It says:

    nice vedeo

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