off grid home pictou county nova scotia using solar panels and wind turbines

off grid home pictou county nova scotia all 220 volt converted to propane meaning dryer , range , and propane tankless on demand water heater.well pump is 12…


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  1. ottawadigs says:

    how does this work in the winter?
    are you able to get the same power from the solar as the summer?

  2. Allen Cox says:

    So whats wrong with the big 2 blade generator i noticed it wasn’t turning.

  3. Glenn Hough says:

    you’ve got great solar here…

  4. Mohamad Khalil Hamieh says:

    very good work , thanks for posting .

  5. Jack Dawson says:

    wired in series parallel? 

  6. TheStavros1001 says:

    Unless you’re making your own propane, you’re not really off the grid…

  7. Gregory Wood says:

    ok, I agree with you about getting off the electric grid, but where do you
    thing your propane is coming from? #fracking 

  8. satexman says:

    excellent hardware but the batteries are less than desirable imho.

  9. Gilly Gilbs says:

    Jesus people, give him a break on the propane unless you’re 100% off grid

    Living off grid comes with chores, so the propane is simple a luxury he
    uses for backup heat and a few other items. 

  10. eastrockaway11518 says:

    “After these Messages” “What messages”

  11. elizabeth sameasthefirst says:

    reduce carbon footprint??U must work for the gov.-they are using that term
    to screw the people too. New world order stuff. and U are not off the

  12. Nichen says:

    8 people from the electric utility companies watched this video

  13. Doug Rennick says:

    what happens in the winter with the solas?

  14. jocelyn east says:

    keep a eye on your 3kw turbine, they are now made in India. I repaired one
    last year after it shook itself to death. One of the tape came off the prop
    and created a very bad vibration. The mountings screws fell off the plastic
    junction box witch led to the breaking of the field wires. It also wore the
    main power line inside the tower from rubbing. They have to be taken down
    EVERY year to check and replace defective parts.I have read more negative
    then positive stories on them. I have checked all local repair shops and no
    one will touch them. Good luck with yours.

  15. SickKnowledge82 says:

    You need better blades and to elevate that 2 blade turbine. That first
    turbine is jammin. In many cases, its better to use motors with weak
    magnetic fields, it allows you to use smaller blades and they will spin
    even in the weakest winds.

  16. Esteban Alejandro says:

    Very smart I ‘d love it …congrats …a Canadian living in Brasil now but
    I’ll be back for it…

  17. Hacker2013able says:

    did you build that trailer ie paint build front porch? Great job! Color”s
    are smart and sensiable. I belive, Creating yor own Energy is True Freedom.

  18. Daniel Wilson says:

    How are you making propane from solar? Or did I not hear him correctly?

  19. marq taylor says:

    your not off the grid if ya got gas.

  20. beatdrop128 says:

    3:10 “we all know that we need power and water to survive, without them
    we’ll die”


  21. FM Solution says:

    Wondering if you can forward the material used or what “complete package”
    to order.
    Why you took Xantrex vs Outback vs trace engineering

    Greatly appreciated

  22. Riem Hamdi says:

    How to transform a dryer into propane?

  23. Sam Vekemans says:
  24. ghettohillbilly1 says:

    Nice set-up my father has been off the grid here in nova scotia for over 10
    years, myself being closely involved and I notice your batteries in this
    system seem small in the amp hours dept, you should look at surette/rolls
    batteries made in springhill, thats what my father has, each 6v battery is
    460 amp hours(mind you each battery is 117 lbs) and are extremely durable
    after 10 years i just finished desulfating them and they work like new
    again, i did make a video 5 years ago about his system and more resent
    videos about the desulfating the batteries

  25. GreatInca says:

    That wind turbine support may shade your panels at times. If shade hits
    one or more panels on a string, the whole string will be significantly
    handicapped if not neutralized, and then that underperforming string will
    be averaged with the performing strings paralelled in the array, having
    some viral impact.

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