Photovoltaics Solar Power

Photovoltaics Solar Power

How nuclear fusion works in the sun and how photons from this fusion provide us with solar energy here on Earth for things like photovoltaics (solar power) , solar domestic how water, solar air heating and solar cooking. Also given is background such as what an atom is and the parts of an atom: neutrons, protons and electrons. Sample atoms are provided: hydrogen, deuterium and carbon atoms.
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  1. FIGHTFANNERD3 says:

    @Alex1M6 interesting i think its because u have more time on your hands.

    Think about it in school there’s so much pressure to pass the next test or exam that u you have no time to have deep thoughts or even think on anything u learn in science class also dont forget bully’s

  2. invalid000able says:


  3. MasterJayZhou says:

    @field16 haha i see where you are coming from and good luck to you. I’m just a high school student trying to get my physical test correct 🙂

  4. field16 says:

    @MasterJayZhou Where did the energy come from before the creation of the universe? It had to come from somewhere. The energy could have come from another universe, the one those crazy Christians call “Heaven”. 😉

    Sadly, some people would rather believe in Einstein than believe in something on a higher level. God is the genius of all geniuses. I am a scientist, an engineer, and I seek the truth… I think that someone smarter than Einstein is in control.

  5. MasterJayZhou says:

    @field16 according to Einstein’s E = mc^2, all of the mass has actually be created from the immense amounts of energy before the big bang.

  6. field16 says:

    @RimstarOrg My main point was to marvel at the power of our sun. Men cannot duplicate the same fusion results, which makes it that much more marvelous.

    The “law of conservation of energy” was violated in what you just stated: the big bang.

    Energy and mass were created from nothing. Everything around you today… was created out of nothing.

    I believe it came from another universe, one that lasts for ever and ever.

    I really enjoyed your animations. Good work.

  7. RimstarOrg says:

    @field16 Thanks. Though no conservation law is being violated there. The energy keeps getting recycled and changing form. The video shows that the 3 energy units of the original two atoms goes into 2 energy units for the helium and 1 unit to the photon. And the gravitational potential energy came from when the sun was formed out of material that was thrown out by older stars that went nova, and so on all the way back to the big bang. (I’m using the current widely accepted physics model here.)

  8. field16 says:

    Really well done.

    Isn’t it strange that the Sun makes fusion look so easy and effortless, and yet man has not been able to reproduce fusion?

    It’s like the Sun violates the “law of conservation of energy”. As if it creates energy from nothing.

  9. RimstarOrg says:

    @JSears1321 You’re welcome and thanks! It was a lot of work but worth it to see the result.

  10. JSears1321 says:

    Very informing… not to mention the technical skills in producing such a video. Very well done! Thank you!

  11. RimstarOrg says:

    @Alex1M6 Thanks, I’m glad to hear it. And the schooling never really ends anyway.

  12. Alex1M6 says:

    Excellent video, I defiantly learned something from watching it.

    Its funny how when I went to school this sort of thing did not interest me but now I have left it does!

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