www.greenpowerscience.com This is the basics of tabbing cells together. Tabbing solar cells with tab wire and a flux pen. Evergreen Solar Cells Sun Electronics residential solar panels SOLAR TRAINING SOLAR TEACHING www.youtube.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

How to build a Solar Panel from Solar Cells DIY Part 1 This is a video of how I build solar panels from single solar cells wired in series. This is a great DIY “do it yourself” Green power project. These solar panels are very powerful and following these steps you will be able to make them for 1/3 of what they sell them for in the stores. If your looking to get off the grid or just drop your electric bill this is perfect for you! Stay tuned for up and coming parts. I will seal these solar panels and test them in up and coming videos. We will even show how we install it on my own home and how I connect it to our grid tie inverter. I hope you enjoy the video. All the best, -Pete Mixcat.com mixcatcom
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. liam11711987 says:

    Solder has a L in it. Not sodder!!!!!!

  2. DoubleDee39 says:

    I would like to see what you are gonna encase them in. Wouldnt glass cause moisture from the heat?? Would plexi-glass work better?

  3. DoubleDee39 says:

    LOL, I said “HMM” at the same time your wife did!

  4. Informatively says:

    You say 2 cells make 1 watt and you say 150 make 300 watts? Or 75?

  5. shartne says:

    I make mine a little different check out how I make them on my channel. I made a 12 part series I show you everything

  6. debbarmajewel says:

    im from india can i orrder online……….

  7. FullKontrolDRIFT says:

    Sweet video I’m am deff considering making one now, btw very beautiful wife

  8. stevejamesmorris says:

    Soddering iron, ha ha ha

  9. jopak7 says:

    i find it, very amusing to masturbate.

  10. IdunCareLesSn00b says:

    Try solder paste for the back pads just dab it on then heat

  11. Yungnstunnin says:

    Appreciate the help!. Will be trying this soon!…

  12. Exmerch says:

    Nice boobs

  13. MusicMan53100 says:

    Seems to me that most are here for boobs and not panels. WTF is our world coming too?

  14. MaelstromScientist says:

    Babe, you can satisfy the world’s energy needs with your breasts.

  15. Bigman74066 says:

    You guys are just great !

  16. TheShockmister says:

    soddering I have never heard that as a non US tech, I spell it ‘soldering’ I say it “sold-ering” not sod-dering ??

  17. FrankoTheMango says:

    @MaxRaincloud yeah i was just kidding

  18. PhuNguyen88 says:

    You you liked the video because you think this is great idea and you going to make a same one like this, YOU ARE FAIL SIR ! BOOOBSSSSSS!

  19. MaDMAnHD3 says:

    @MaxRaincloud wow you use such big words, you must be really clever 🙂

  20. f296877 says:

    Great video. Thanks for the info. i dont know whats up with all the weird comments.

  21. MaxRaincloud says:

    @NawffDallasz214 ~ you’d wind up with hot soldering iron lodged in your wiener-hole, you insolent poster of putrefaction, you. Such rude remarks serve only to perhaps enable a few dozen YouLosers to grin and do another bong full of foolishness… I’d consider Energy-Efficient-Suicide, ASAP if I had to endure the cursed misfortune of being YOU. Okay—I’m done for now, but consider this admonition a tiny fraction of my actual disdain for people like YOU, as time and characters are much limited ~

  22. MaxRaincloud says:

    All kidding aside ~
    I’m encouraged by the Trial & Error approach, sans the Sleek Editing. Looks like a video I’d produce (if my brain ever returns from vacation) But my wife (also pretty) might film it but never appear on cam (also, the # of blisters would increase exponentially) Am I to understand that the power output is limited only by the # of solar-cells distributed and of course whether or not the Sun is, um… sunning? Pardon my painful naiveté, I’ve the memory of a small rock ~

  23. MaxRaincloud says:

    @FrankoTheMango or… you could RENT electricity & return it to the gods of No-Freekin-Kiddin when finished with it-or trap a Giant Panda–tricky–they’re invisible to Smart People (I see them a LOT) then run a Giant Panda Hose to its ass utilizing Magical Panda Power–or maybe recycle finger-blister skin & soldering iron carcasses, make solar-paste & coat your domicile in it (retains heat, comfort & warm, cozy feelings) or you could try to refrain from Futile YouTube Remarks–As should I–LOL!

  24. rasheedab says:

    oh it said you could puzzle them together with solder. Is this really possible?

  25. rasheedab says:

    I saw a kit that basically had broken cells and the kit said that the broken ones would still work?! I don’t know anything about solar but the ones that were broken seemed to be the only way I can afford to get just about all my solar needs. Is it worth it for a novice to try and learn to piece together broken short tabbed solar cell?

  26. Rafe903 says:

    damn good info man appreciate it

  27. shartne says:

    PLEASE CHECK OUT MY CHANEL IF YOU WANT TO SEE HOW TO MAKE SOLAR PANELS I SHOW YOU EVERYTHING!It want to take a look at some pretty decent homemade solar panels check out my channel I show you everything I have a 12 part series on “How to build a solar panel that will last for thirty years”

  28. myreonr says:

    Nice demo, wonder if there’s a nice written instruction for that? DIY is the way to go for solar panels and accessories!

  29. yellowmustanglover says:

    Can you provide me with your good source for solar cells. I would like to give Your
    design on glass a try! I have never made a solar panel before but am interested
    because of your great example. Also what thickness of tempered glass do you recommend? Watched about 5 or 6 of your videos included your reclycling of the small LCD screen. Really good Stuff! Thanks … Roger (yellowmustanglover) on Youtube or mustangro@hotmail.com

  30. TheChineseEmpire says:

    If I build my own solar panels and hook it to my ongrid system with an inverter will it actually reduce my electric cost? Using batteries seem too expensive. Thanks Neal

  31. Braeden123698745 says:

    Actually I was looking at a cell site and they reccomend Flux for soldering.

  32. smokesupp says:

    Learn how to make your own solar panels step by step for under $200 a panel! solarsjunkie. com

  33. PlainlyJane1960 says:

    @mixcatcom Hi im thinking of building my mom some solar pannels can you send me a link to where you bought your solar cells? thanks – Ivy

  34. PlainlyJane1960 says:

    Hi can i am thinking of building some solar pannels for my mom can i have a link to where you bought your solar cells? thanks pete =].

  35. MrTrinidadgavidia says:

    @mixcatcom I have a question if i want to build a 200 watt solar panel how many cells will i need and how much total including shipping to 90037? my watts consumption is 8000 per hour. and my house each two months is 1600kwh. Please let me know.

  36. swedensy says:

    Omg u are wiering 90% of the movei, use moei ediotor to speed up tings man.

  37. swedensy says:

    3:19 solar cell wont blow even if u paralel connect it with 520A car baterry (110ah)

  38. Pele2011IAM says:

    Hi Pete,
    What wattage soldering iron is best?

  39. AdenilsonFTJunior says:

    Hi, I really enjoyed your video. I’m doing a scholarly work, and I need carry a car battery with solar power, but for that I need ready cells. Could you give me your e-mail to negotiate the price and quantity of cells.

  40. izzyred1 says:

    FAB! THANK YOU!!!!!

  41. izzyred1 says:

    FAB! THANK YOU!!!!!

  42. mumbleye says:

    @MrsCheerios ebay is where i bought all mine

  43. mumbleye says:

    i cant, for the life of me, get the solder on the fronts to stick. i’m using the same rosin core solder and flux that everybody recommends. what am i doing wrong?

  44. mike081283 says:

    where do u get those cells and cant i use plexiglass or lexan

  45. EDEALMKR1 says:

    Interested in making a panel. where can I get cells. Any help would be appreciated.

  46. STARBUX146 says:

    You should be wearing rubber gloves. Any grease from your finger tips may affect the final product. It’s similar to when you install a halogen light bulb in your car, the slightest bit of grease can cause it to fracture. Very nice tutorial though : )

  47. indibry says:

    Great Video! Anyone wanting to purchase your own wind turbine DIY kit or parts for your Sovereign independence. Don’t be a slave to the electric companies. 1500 Watt all inclusive turbine kit for about $1,500. Go Sovereign! We have everything from charge controllers to Inverters. Buy one today! visit Sovereign’s Depot @ sovdepot.com

  48. Liam22Debono says:

    hello, great tutorial but can you please send me a list with prices and if possible where to buy all of the apparatus that you used please thank you . 🙂

  49. rahimShah says:


    Did you ever get a chance to work on water pump based on solar cells?

  50. beeveee says:

    @mixcatcom I am interested in building some units of solar panels. Can we try one panel’s worth of cells
    if you have them.

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