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Solar Power, Wind Turbine, Renewable Alternative energy | Off Grid With Solar Wind Power

www.PirateLifestyle.com Episode for the Pirate Lifestyle TV Show. We live without power company electricity with our Off Grid electrical system. Themost excellent way to be supportin’ Capt Rob and Pirate Lifestyle TV is ta LIKE & FAVORITE & THUMBS UP this video an’ be sharin’ it wit’ ye friends on Facebook an’ Twitter. A humble pirate “thank you” fer doin’ this. Arrrrr. YouTube www.youtube.com Subscribe: www.youtube.com *** Don’t be missin’ a show. Sail Around the Web-O-Sphere wit’ Capt Rob! Website: www.piratelifestyle.com Facebook www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Google+: Gplus.to Ahoy, I’m Capt Rob Lee and welcome to Pirate Lifestyle TV! Arrr Today’s episode, too much important information for a quickie, is about you generating your own electricity. I have always been interested in what most people like to call, “alternative living and alternative power.” Aye, we be livin’ on a frickin’ sailboat and we lived for 11 continuous months completely self-sufficient with our Off-Grid electrical system. In an earlier video we discussed the basics of, why and how you go Off-Grid. I’ll make it a video response so you can watch it later. This video will be more hands on. In today’s crazy unpredictable world generating your own renewable electricity for your sailboat, motorhome, remote camp, and even your current home will make you independent of big power companies. No more worrying about price increases and power outages. OK, let’s get to it. A “Hybrid” system is a

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  1. unowhatireallysaid says:

    f the System.

  2. PirateLifestyleTV says:

    @tjw1963 Home ASS-ociations!?!?!?!?!? Arrrrrrrrr. 😉

  3. tjw1963 says:

    If I can purchase camouflage wind turbines and solar panels, then I can operate undercover and by-pass the rules of the stinky home association. I like the idea of clean energy.

  4. tomperanteau says:

    @PirateLifestyleTV That’s why we bought a sailboat. After researching every way that we might possibly be self-sufficient in the event of a disaster, and how the government and sheeple would react, we decided that we would rather be out on the ocean making our way out into the Pacific.

  5. PirateLifestyleTV says:

    @tomperanteau I’m sure they will try. At some point they’ll probably make home systems illegal. Make connecting to the grid a requirement.

  6. tomperanteau says:

    Now how do you suppose the government will figure a way to tax solar? If you laugh at that, think about the Arizona law that is now being enforced that regulates the use of rain water, and makes it illegal for a homeowner to collect rain water.

    I hope they never think of this, but I’m sure they will.

  7. indibry says:

    Watch your electric meter go backwards after installing your wind turbine and solar array! Net Metering will help reduce your bill. Solar only works 8 hours a day. Wind is operable 24 hours a day. Go to to sovdepot dot com We have all your inverters, charge controllers, wind turbine, and solar array needs.

  8. Bikersupport says:

    Being on boat must much cheaper but know the cost for maintance I worked boat yard many years never seen anyone use solar or care to. But now world has changed cost of living getting out of hand now maybe under gorund living way to go now hope we have a sun for few more years.

  9. PirateLifestyleTV says:

    @PlanetMother Aye, tis true what ye be sayin’.

  10. PlanetMother says:

    Why not make it safe to ride a bike, in the USA… now your risking your own life.

    That would help.

  11. PirateLifestyleTV says:

    @NomadRip Aye, the marine environment (all that salt) is tuff on electrical components.

  12. NomadRip says:

    Good stuff. I have seen a number of people build their own wind generators, too. I’ll look into building one for marine environments, as we all know that climate kills everything.

  13. WatchToddPattison says:

    @PirateLifestyleTV LOL ! “Hide the Rum” ~ Captain Jack Sparrow
    It be true, , , being under pressure is the key which is why its among the preferred fuels at the Drag strip. It has a much higher octane rating than premium gas at the pump which makes it ideal for High (No pun intended) compression engines commonly found in high performance cars, Boats and motorcycles. NASCAR owes its start to the many ridge runners who often times powered their cars with what they produced as “Moonshine” .

  14. PirateLifestyleTV says:

    @WatchToddPattison Ahoy Todd, geesh I would hate to waste good alcohol in an engine. LOL
    Of course this is the whole idea behind ethanol (alcohol) fuel. Alcohol has much less energy than gasoline (less miles-per-gallon) and cost more at this time, but it makes a great clean burning fuel. Alcohol stoves, pressure and non-pressure, are popular in sailboats. Great comment!!

  15. PirateLifestyleTV says:

    @mridea007 Ahoy Jim, I agree. As you know, we lived in rural Maine for many years. I didn’t own a digital clock radio because the electricity clicked off-and-on almost daily. In the winter, 24-48 hours without electricity was common. Microwave, coffee maker, VCR (remember those?), everything in the house flashed “12:00” all the time. No point it setting them!! 🙂

  16. mridea007 says:

    Great video Cap’n. I like the idea of multiple sources of electricity. With power outages becoming more common it makes sense to have a standby system – especially in the winter here in the north ;>)

  17. WatchToddPattison says:

    For those of us on land might I offer another suggestion to the renewable fuel category , Alcohol ! If you get a chance check out David Blumes book “Alcohol can be a Gas” The ideas he has aren’t new but they can reduce if not replace our need for Fossil Fuels. Would make that generator cleaner and cheaper to operate as well as that outboard motor or for us people on land our cars, trucks and lawnmowers. Did you know the earliest cars were electric or powered by alcohol ? It be true Check it out!

  18. PirateLifestyleTV says:

    @ernest302 Sounds good. You might want to upgrade that 16 gage cord.

  19. PirateLifestyleTV says:

    @marc726 Ahoy Marc. Stay laser focused on your goal. 🙂

  20. ernest302 says:

    Well im poor so i have two car batteries and a solar panel that came out of a VW to keep battery peaked while shipping the the vehicle and im working on rebuilding and old 60 something generator / but for the past year i have been plugged into my sons home with a 16 gage ex-cord on a 15amp GFI and have been doing ok in my 1973 camper 20ft (survived 2 winters in north Ga.)

  21. marc726 says:

    Arrr, very cool set-up indeed you have Capt’n. I’d love someday to free myself from the chains of FPL. 🙂

  22. PirateLifestyleTV says:

    @2bbi A humble pirate “Thanks” for still subbing.

  23. 2bbi says:

    @PirateLifestyleTV i guess…. ur not so bad after all….. still subbed 🙂

  24. PirateLifestyleTV says:

    @2bbi Aye, I guess you have. Thanks for being the first view and first comment. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  25. 2bbi says:

    wtf? i have subbed to this??

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