Solar Powered iPod Speaker Dock

chris.pirillo.com – What’s better than an iPod speaker dock powered by solar energy? The answer would be a solar powered iPod speaker dock with 8 speakers. This is what you’ll find in the NSP500B Soulra XL Sound System by Eton. The Soultra XL connects to your iPhone or iPod and gives you incredible sound with no annoying power cable to lug around. A 72 square inch enhanced monocrystal solar panel produces enough energy to charge its rechargeable lithium ion battery pack and your device at the same time. You can pick one of these up here: go.tagjag.com chris.pirillo.com http twitter.com

www.permies.com The first solar dehydrator is shown by robert and marina at dell artimus farm. The solar heat comes from a heated panel at the bottom, and there is a black chimney at the top that creates a draw. They use a stainless steel screen. The dryer is a year and a half old. They have dried beans, flowers, cherries, grapes (raisins), kale, walnuts and apples. They tried some tomatoes, but those ended up as pig food. Matt at feral farm shows a “down draft solar dehydrator.” The solar heat enters at the top and then goes down. Because as it gathers moisture, the solar heated air gets heavier. He has nettles in there. Mark Vander Meer, of wildland conservation service in Missoula, Montana shows off his solar food dehydrator still loaded with dried plums. Those plums have been in there all fall, winter and most of the spring. He talks about trying to dry fruit with electric food dehydrators and how expensive that was. This solar dehydrator also uses the down draft technique. He says plums take three days and apples take a day and a half. These are all passive systems. There are no fans. Relevant threads at permies www.permies.com www.permies.com www.permies.com music by Jimmy Pardo

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  1. etoncorp says:

    @myawesomeapps Hey Cesar – “Solider Knows Best” also did a review of the Soulra XL and called the sound quality “impressive” and said it did get “really really loud.” He did say the bass could be a bit better, but overall, he thought it was great. You can search for his review here on YouTube. Just search “Soulra XL Soldier Knows Best” — he talks about it around the 2 minute mark. Thanks — and thanks, Sir Pirillo for an excellent review of the Soulra XL!

  2. myawesomeapps says:

    How is the sound quality and is it loud? please reply. I’m really looking into buying this.

  3. CarpaceEater says:

    @lockergnome the why not a very drunk raj?

  4. wilson809isback says:

    I wonder what would happen If you lived somewhere where there is 24hour sunlight?

  5. billy6540 says:

    @lockergnome – Not Howard my ass.

  6. Mvito91 says:

    @GhamTk WRONG! Im suggesting a second possibility to charge the phone, next to being charged by cable. Solar cell iphone will enhance the battery life, and thats what im sayin! Bro!

  7. ivarsrini says:

    Show us your girlfriend

  8. lockergnome says:

    @17sTHEM17 – I am NOT Howard.

  9. lockergnome says:

    @duraso809 – What?

  10. lockergnome says:

    @danielelicker – Thank you?

  11. GhamTk says:

    @Mvito91 if it died in your pocket though you would have no way to get calls….also you usually put your hand over the back of the phone where the solar panels would be

  12. danielelicker says:

    hopefully you will take no offence to this(hopefully you Mr. Pirillo will take it as a compliment, but your girlfriend has a very sexy voice, congratulations

  13. duraso809 says:

    christ smoke?

  14. MJElectronics says:

    Nice dock for the park in the summer

  15. jowillkit says:

    looks good

  16. Madmarb2k8 says:

    wow! i was going to make one of these in school hahaha

  17. 17sTHEM17 says:

    Howard and his girlfriend from THE BIG BANG THEORY
    RIGHT !?

  18. 2muchjpop says:

    wat was that hot, seductive voice?!

  19. bashar876 says:

    this shit dont work in sweden!!!!!

  20. bashar876 says:

    1:16 wtf! IS HE DANCING?

  21. JohnHelgeK says:


  22. Mvito91 says:

    @GhamTk I know! Once u get it out to use it, it starts charging 🙂

  23. kristofergvenetadze says:

    why is someone snorring in the background ???!! :DDD

  24. TheDuskPhantom says:

    @ZeroC0ol1989 haha I can imagine the ad. white background with the word “iPanel.” Dont forget the period :D.

  25. ZeroC0ol1989 says:

    Well I’m sure Apple knows a way to present it so that everybody wants it 😉

  26. TheLeslie244 says:

    I wonder if thi would work up here in Alaska…..

  27. katekaterinake says:

    the reporter is funny!

  28. TheCatfishClayton says:

    What if you used that draft to power a sort of wind mill thingy???

  29. deadlyyellowrose says:

    Is there a way to build a smaller version?!

  30. teddy0072 says:

    This is great! Thank you, Paul.

  31. TranshumanCyborg says:

    I bet you could use it to dry clothes too

  32. paulwheaton12 says:

    @GreedIsYourGod you could start a thread at permies for whatever types of videos you want. I try to keep most of my personal rants in articles or podcasts.

  33. GreedIsYourGod says:

    Paul, Thank You for doing these videos! I know they are fun, but it is also a valuable service very much needed in this world right now! We do realize they take valuable time out of your life to do them. Tell me (I don’t remember seeing it) but is there an indexed pointer section on Permies that points to not just your’s but other good stream-able Permie type videos?) Also could you do a video update of your personal favorite Permie resources?

  34. Bi11Compton says:

    These are great. Excellent use for solar!

  35. Bi11Compton says:

    These are great. Excellent use for solar!

  36. cantecleer says:

    — these are very cool. I had never considered the downdraft/gathering of moisture aspect to this kind of solar heating application. awesome^^

  37. vutEwa says:

    way cool!!!

  38. EKWisner says:

    Very cool!

  39. paulwheaton12 says:

    @My10Acres come ask your question at permies.com and I’ll see if I can get some pics posted there.

  40. My10Acres says:

    Any source for the plans, or at least a cut away drawing? I’m having trouble visualizing the downdraft in my head.

  41. 10kids100 says:

    So glad he mentioned how much it cost to run his electric dehydrator….plus doing so many large trays at once! Putting this on the project list.

  42. monteros says:

    totally awesome!

  43. amberb57 says:

    I knew that cat was going to get in there! LOL

  44. heyerstandards says:

    Ingenious! Thanks for posting all the neat info.

  45. MrOffGrid says:

    Ive built mine using beer cans painted black in a panel that feeds into a cabinet I built out of scrap wood, painted black. but I put a white corrugated plastic roof on top thinking that the white top would be cooler than the bottom and get the heat to travel up and out the vents on the top kinda like the top on the last dryer, I havent really gotten to fill it up cause I built it last winter. i have dryed some bananas and strawberries in it, hope to fill it up with peaches this year!

  46. ksrasg says:

    I would love to see plan too

  47. jedesignz says:

    Great Video as always Paul. You always seem give me something to think and drool about.

  48. carltonhobbs says:

    You should have had a thermometer to test the heat range, or ask them if they have done so. Very nice though.

  49. KayakFisher01 says:

    Wow, those dehydrators have a lot of drying space. The first one didn’t look so big until he opened the door and with 8 trays, minus the cat, it looks like more than 45 square feet of drying room. Very nice.

  50. MrRob5001 says:

    Thanks for the video. Great information.

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