Solar Roof Shingles: 2010 International Builders Show

Dow’s Powerhouse Solar Shingles promise to turn sunlight into savings. Consumer Reports takes a look at the 2010 International Builders’ Show. Learn more abo…
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Here’s My Hot Air Solar Panel, (Roof Mounted) and how the duct work is installed in the attic. After that I talk you thru how the Solar Panel was built. This…


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  1. shon marsh says:

    Commercial Solar Panels are too Expensive !!
    If you want a Cheap solution to Power your Home,
    You have to Learn to Build your Own Solar Panels
    Go to *Google* and *Search* for:
    *Top DIY Solar Panels Research by John Sommer*
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    It is a Blog that Explains it in Details…..

  2. clojap says:

    I would guess the prices for solar shingles will drop a lot by the time
    they need to be replaced as well, that or better more efficient technology
    will replace them by then. I would guess nobody should have these installed
    unless they have a new (ish) roof to make sure they get the most bang for
    their buck. Would be nice if all newer home construction added these or
    solar panels in general.

  3. Sample Text says:

    25k smd bitches

  4. eastern2western says:

    government rebates jack up the prices of the solar shingles

  5. shanghaitheory says:

    Because its a niche market now, and companies are expecting early adopters
    to not be so price sensitive. As it becomes more common, the price will go
    down. Also they are looking to get a lot of the government money out there
    which is a % of overall costs. For reference the cost of solar panels is
    about 1.95/watt.

  6. Gainesvilleroofing says:

    This will be a great technology when the prices come down

  7. P.J. Fitzpatrick says:

    The prices will come down soon.

  8. noscrub bub says:

    the solar subject has left youtube since google owns everything. the guy
    said you need some mexican to push the hammers nail in it… no taxes no
    health care… no pension no nothing.. just need a mexican on the roof.
    alert alert.. the whole world is a sham for the rich.

  9. exitre says:

    oh pls, for $25, 000 you can get quite few high power (im talking about 650
    watts) solar panels. This guy is ripping you off

  10. Curas1 says:

    I think forget paying back into the system, just be hooked up to the
    system as a back up while batteries charge up to power my house at night
    and charge my hybrid car I would also want my attic fans to be able to be
    used to charge my batteries as well and have it all connected to my home
    computer system They can keep the natural gas and in fact give me a paper
    stove and free water so I can grow my own food in a hothouse and recycle my
    plastic junk for what I cant grow living grid free!

  11. zhao yan says:

    It looks so beautiful! I like the appearance very much.

  12. redschool says:

    Its with any new technology. Look at the 3D TV’s compared with the non-flat
    screen TV’s. You have to pay someone to take your old TV!

  13. flownder28 says:

    Gotta love big Corp. America……NOT.

  14. cripin2021 says:

    You know that utility companies won’t like this, especially one’s that
    still run by fossil fuel production. People generating half of their own
    power, less incoming power usage, less business. Oregon is a bit different
    though, in that most of our state’s power is hydroelectric.

  15. xcaliber69 says:

    I know many people that would like to use these shingles… but if the
    price is going to be that high…it’s unaffordable.

  16. ChristopherJManess says:

    I can make my own solar panels for about $200 per square meter. Plus,
    installing the converter boxes, I still won’t top $5,000 for an entire
    rooftop. The only person would have to be the electrician, to ensure and
    inspect my work. I take it, you guys don’t watch much YouTube, hahaha!

  17. arnoldcustom says:

    every home need new Shingles every 25 to 30 years, huum 20,000 $ every 30
    years thats one hell of a replacement every 25 to 30 years, as I take it
    there would be no way to save the ones wilh the solar cell, same thing with
    all this stick on solar filim, once roof need redoing there you now lose
    your investment, stay with cheep solar panals, the cost of them here anyway
    has droped over 50%or more

  18. gaypotter says:

    are those his arms?

  19. snoopyjocl says:

    If there were no Government rebates, then the market would help to set the
    price much lower! Your tax dollars at work!! :-/

  20. CheapEnergyIdeas says:

    only costs DOW 50 cent apiece to make er i mean import them, but big oil
    and utility company surcharges,political lobbiest bribes and the chinese
    excise tax makes em cost us around $500 ea. they can all KMA

  21. clintcastle says:

    Why so expensive? 15 grand i can understand but 25?

  22. cripin2021 says:

    There’s a difference between roof tiles & solar panels: tiles can be
    stepped on, like when someone needs to get on the roof. Last i checked,
    solar panels don’t stand up that well to the weight of a 200 pound man.
    Plus, the covers on solar panels are smooth like glass, & offer very little
    traction. That could prove fatal if someone were to slip. I’ll stick to the
    cheaper risen-up panels.

  23. jason volante says:

    not made in china, made in michigan. get your facts straight

  24. js111410 says:

    i got thin film 800 watts 1,000 dollars this is a rip

  25. jRFrancine384 says:


  26. William Misek says:

    Think I would replace stone with sand and alternate the air gradually in a
    snake like pattern from bottom to top. Maybe a steeper angle on the frame
    top to shed snow…we get a lot where I am.

  27. Grandpa Bill says:

    You sure don’t get much heat when your in a snow storm that’s dropping 8 to

  28. Donnie Lee says:

    Speaking of air flow sounds like your having trouble breathing..not trying
    to be mean just saying…

  29. Terry O'Rourke says:

    Love it— wish I lived near you would love to come and learn /and help…
    I am considering building one— France—–Terry

  30. EmmittBrownBTTF1 says:

    Air flow may stall because the pipes in the panel are horizontal. even a 5
    degree tilt wiil ensure air flow driven by the boyency of heated air. Also
    a Low-temperate-differential stirling engine could use caputured heat to
    run a fan – some of these will run from the heat of a cup of coffee. They
    can be simple to make, plenty of video’s on YT.

    P.S Putting horizonal barriers above the left end of tube 1, 3, 5, and
    above the right end of tube 2, 4 and 6 may create a serpintine air flow,
    with heat exchanger effect which may make air at the top of the system
    hotter and create a stronger draw to drive air flow..

  31. Terry O'Rourke says:

    Please let us know your thoughts—when you build the 2nd.. one !

  32. Geof Santiago says:

    Awesome roof mounted solar air heater, thanks for sharing this, I must
    build one of this….

  33. peter binkley says:

    you could install a sheet metal center to force the air around the tubes
    kinda like a long dna twist that will slow the air down and pick up more

  34. Eflat Productions says:

    You might want to spray paint the expansion form. The UV rays from the Sun,
    will just cause it to deteriorate. Personal experience. lol

  35. Al S. says:

    So this is just for heat or electic too?

  36. Kyle Krutsch says:

    Why not mount 3-4 of them?

  37. Ernest Benoit says:

    Very painfull to listen to but some great ideas

  38. Passed High School Physics says:

    There didn’t appear to be very much insulation in his attack. Why go to
    all of this trouble and not adding any insulation?

  39. ManitobaScott says:

    water holds heat 4X better than stone. FYI – water would give your 4X
    longer heat after the sun goes down

  40. 44mod says:

    Just a thought, we use a hand held thermostat in the shop that would only
    let circuit to salamander close to turn on to 120v plug. We could set it
    at any temperature we wanted. you could uses this switch to set you temp of
    80 deg kick on and 70 deg kick off. Another source for this
    thermostat would be a attack blower that has a hand setting to when you
    want your attack blower to kick on they sell them at lows or Home Depot
    store. Nice video and I can tell you have a great mind.

  41. popoqwer says:

    Really good idea!

  42. Larrys LeatherWork says:

    About 20 years ago we had solar panels put on top of my home. They worked
    great but when the sun is out is when we got blasted with the heat and at
    night when we needed the heat there wasn’t any. I was going to run them to
    my basement next time and hope the basement would hold the heat. I don’t
    have them any more. Just my thought on my experience. Very nice and I
    enjoyed your video.

  43. zahlmeister1 says:

    I just finished a panel very similar to yours but without the rocks. My
    theory is that with adaquite air flow, all heat entering the panel is
    removed to the house. The rocks would only delay the timing and not provide
    any more usable heat. I just filled the box completely with the downspouts.
    Works great. Thanks.

  44. Jennifer Charlton-Dennis says:

    Great job!

  45. Corey Miller says:

    If anything I would improve upon, I would also paint those rocks black. You
    should get a decent gain on heat absorption and the rocks should stay
    warmer longer. 

  46. Don Leugers says:

    Unless you live in the desert, I would think mass would act like big ice
    cubes that you’d have to heat first at each sunrise. I’d add an empty
    shallow double-paned plywood box lined with black construction paper (?)
    for quicker, hotter, more responsive heat production. 

  47. justin tate says:

    Did you also fill the guttering with rocks, or just the gap areas around
    the guttering?

    Any thoughts on filling the box with guttering and all guttering with

  48. Walt O'bringer says:

    Hi Grandpa! I’m a new subscriber and I really like what I see in this
    video. I tend to keep the things that I build as simple as possible. It
    keeps them more affordable not to mention maintenance and repair stays
    manageable. Thanks for sharing your project! Walt 

  49. Jack Ross says:

    Some nice work , Bill, just what I needed to get me going here,. Is there
    any fire hazard with regard to the panel heat ?

  50. DrKrypton says:

    Grampa Bill, why not heat concentrated salt water, send it to a storage
    tank underground, then have a heat exchanger added to the furnace and pump
    the hot water through it. the salt water will retain the heat longer than
    just pumping air into the house. or, using one of the old dish antenna’s
    (the big ones from way back) and concentrate the sunlight and change
    purified water directly to steam. this would need a tracking device but
    thats not hard to do.

  51. Mat says:

    If only there were more clveer people like you!

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