Thermo electric generators can produce electricity from virtually any source of heat

Thermo electric generator technology is based on the well-known concept that a temperature differential may be converted into electricity and vice versa. Nam…

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  1. Janis Berzins says:

    Well I have a question , can it produce electricity from , lets say 50*C
    temperature heat source…?

  2. Ujjwal Anand says:

    useful but if the concept was explained in more detail, it would have been

  3. George Tonchev says:
  4. Canadian Prepper says:

    So many ways to harness the giant ball of energy in the sky!

  5. Winston Clarkson says:

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  7. Igor Beracka says:

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  9. bcmasur says:

    why do you use plastic hoses at all? all your hoses should be mesh at

  10. advthinker says:

    looks like the wood burning was the heat source! and all the water inside
    the motor not so good either. ever thought about real steam!

  11. Pete VanDemark says:

    I think you need a small tank to catch the water and allow only steam to
    reach motor. Spark plug connector looks leaky. What are you doing with the
    18W of power? Don’t the Kill-a Watt meters have to have a load to calculate
    watts or amps used? Every time I watch one of your videos I want to go
    build something. Do you have trouble throwing things away? Like everything
    has a part that could be used to make something else? Thanks for all the
    fun & interesting videos! What will Dan Rojas do next?

  12. andruha11234 says:

    say what?

  13. smurf robert says:

    I wonder if you use copper from the solar collector to the motor and also
    keep it short just in case your getting some cooling for what looks to be
    about 6-8foot of hosing.

  14. truckee jp says:

    Are you making Flubber?

  15. SSparks555 says:


  16. RamsesReturns says:

    Great I want to order one for my 380sl Mercedes? :O Nice.


    Plastic Tubing? You’re lucky it doesn’t blow up in your face! You just
    think that hose is hot, wait til you get blasted with live steam. Do you
    have good health insurance?

  18. Mrpsychotehpyro says:

    @m3141592 No, not at all, turbines are comparatively inefficient unless
    your getting into the very high power Area, read at least 1000Hp

  19. knoblda says:

    Hey there! What you do is absolutely amazing. Greets from germany.

  20. 914SECHS says:

    dan, i love your videos and you have great ideas. but i think the potential
    will come through a bit better if you have a better way to keep that camera
    steady.. i feel car sick now and i’m gonna go lay down for a bit.. 🙁

  21. Gendo3s2k says:

    So both the trough, and the Fresnel working together couldn’t make enough
    steam to push the generator past 18 watts?

  22. baboonsquadron says:

    67uxb, u r a fucking troll !

  23. Carl Nesensohn says:

    This would probably make a good ammount of power if it had a steam engine
    and a real generator,cool work.

  24. schr4nz says:

    i have another suggestion, if you know of any engineers/machinists that can
    build you a quasiturbine or rotary… give that a shot. 🙂

  25. James, Moore says:

    Very cool! I just got me a grid tie inverter like yours…I cant wait for
    it to get here. I love your projects.

  26. saskaluczak says:

    very cool 100/5

  27. Bigelow Brook Farm (Web4Deb) says:

    Nice proof of concept. However, for the amount of square footage you’re
    using to generate a little power, it’s probably better to just use PV since
    you will also have less mechanical failure? This heater would probably be
    best for heating your domestic how water……..

  28. TalksWithDirt says:

    Dan what were you loading off the inverter? I don’t . If your system was
    making 18W electrical, that’s pretty good given that you had probably ~1000
    W in thermal. 2% is typical without condensing, reheat and insulation and
    no superheat.

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