When are republicans going to start supporting renewable energy?

Question by chattterus: When are republicans going to start supporting renewable energy?
Republicans are the biggest opponents of renewable energy legislation in Washington right now. Why?


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Answer by ned s
We do but in the mean time we need to allow drilling now to bridge the time when they can be fully implemented.

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  1. DaisyCake says:

    At the grassroots level, many Republicans already support renewable energy. My parents have been living a “small footprint” lifestyle my entire life. My SIL’s parents had a solar home 35 years ago.

    They don’t lecture others about it (ala Al Gore) – they just do it.

  2. janice h says:

    We do support renewable energy. The sources of renewable energy are just not reliable and we do not have enough of any of them right now. What most republicans want is for there to be a comprehensive energy package with nothing off the table. That means drilling, solar, nuclear, wind and whatever other sources can be invented or created. We are not slaves to the environmentalists who want only so-called clean energy. Democrats seem to be in the environmentalists pockets and are not willing to discuss anything except what the environmentalists will accept.

    1. Josy says:

      Free Energy is real but the coverup is stnrog, if you are interested in a REAL free energy machine then just search for the LT MAGNET MOTOR in the youtube video search , it is probably the ONLY working magnet motor out there. Join the free energy revolution!!

  3. Jeff T says:

    The Republicans don’t believe in using government as a tool for something like this.
    They would prefer the free market be given a chance to make this work.

    You don’t think there’s several million dollars waiting to be earned for the person (or group of people) who can invent a solar powered car with the same performance characteristics of a Corvette?

    That’s incentive enough, as long as the government doesn’t tax that reward away because that person has now joined The Rich, and the socialists are now jealous of his wealth.

  4. truckman says:

    as soon as democrats/liberals provide us with a renewable energy source,democrats/liberals talk a big game for renewable energy,yet fail to provide us with a viable source,or practice what they preach,and put their own personal money to develop such an energy source,democrats/liberals of the world cry wolf when it comes to globalwarming yet will not put their personal resource into funding R.D. so if democrats/liberals will not fund their pet project,then i suggest you shut up!

  5. Noah H says:

    For years the GOP has accused everyone involved in ‘green’ energy’ of being tree huggers, environmental wackos, ‘far left’ and with a sneer, environmentalists! When fuel was cheap and the evidence for climate change wasn’t as positive as it is now they could make that case. Before it started raining people laught at Noah and his ark too. Now we can easily see the clouds on the horizon. Even the reactionaries of the GOP can’t help but see the lightning and hear the thunder. I suspect that they figure they can pull one more election out of Uncle Sam’s hat, so their staying with their support of oil, coal and nuclear has a kind of twisted logic. Where else can they go?

  6. Bokita says:

    energy from solar panels can be tsroed in batteries for when there is little sun light. its very expensive to install, maybe 8 grand upwards for home systems, hence its usually just used for heating up water etc.. but average *home* system can take on maybe up to 40% of that household’s annual electricity useage.. it is rather expensive per square metre to buy as silicon is not so readily available to make it cheap.. but once its up there it doesnt need much maintenance except to clean it, etc.wind turbines are expensive to install but once up, not much maintanence is needed, checked up maybe every few years.. the energy can be tsroed in batteries when there is no wind present.so, i guess its def not answer B and C.edit: wind and sunlight is free so it isnt expensive to *use*

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