Where can I buy parts for a magnetic free energy machine?

Question by duron15s: Where can I buy parts for a magnetic free energy machine?
Trying to save on my power bill, any suggestions?

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Answer by Blame Bush

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  1. Richard B says:

    I’ll sell you all you can afford. If they don’t work, its your problem, not mine.

  2. bestonnet_00 says:

    Nowhere, there is no such thing as a magnetic free energy machine.

    Though there are a lot of criminals selling plans and parts for such a thing but you won’t get it to work (they tend to have a hidden battery or can of compressed air inside their demo models).

    The second law of thermodynamics is not something you can overrule.

  3. thor says:

    I’ll sell you one of the many perpetual motion machines I have stored in my garage for the right price.

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