Wind and Solar Power How-To Number 2

This is the second video of a small power setup using an AirX windmill and 3 80 watt solar panels. For those that are interested in solar and wind power and would like their first clue on how to start this may be of some help.

Putting the wind turbine charge controllers, the FlexMax solar charge controllers and re-arranging the board for the new 24v 5Kw inverter plus the new automatic transfer panel from Generac.


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  1. subhankar8925 says:

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  2. SolarTrinkets says:

    If your interested in solar stuff then take a peek at the models for sale on my channel..

  3. irocx29 says:

    ty for the video. free is Cool. see you ty ,s

  4. cabbaze says:

    scary wiring !!!! ,come on people look at other peoples systems and learn how to wire safely ,but good to see another pv wind system up and running 🙂

  5. TheAkb10 says:

    Be smart – don’t pay any more electricity bills. more info: solar.xfollow.me (Copy to your browser’s address bar)

  6. packagewarren says:

    dave, nice setup. very simple , explanatory advice. i know have a little more knowledge to work with. thanks for the info.

  7. vudumojo says:

    Did you buy the wind turbine or make that?
    Also, where do I find these type of 6 volt batteries?

    Thank you!

  8. toxicfrost123 says:

    you need to clean up the wiring. mite start a fire.

  9. GegoXaren says:

    its 3*(2*6v) [=12v] for the battery?

  10. sailinpeace says:

    where did you buy your panels from?

  11. london1817 says:

    That is really cool. You are a very smart man.
    Good job!!!!
    How much were the solar panels & what kind were they again?? I got some crappy ones.

  12. JPony1 says:

    Way to go Dude, I like your set up ver much. I own property in Oklahoma and am planing to do the same thing your doing now. Your video boosted my confidence. I have a year round stream running through my property will be able to add a little with that.. Thanks Again

  13. billypopp says:

    3 solar panels, the controllers the meters a 3′ dish antenna, a 5.8 Ghz digital radio and a tractor. Total value around $4000.

  14. billypopp says:

    Hey I’m jealous. Your’s is pretty 🙂
    No just kidding. Great video and great setup.
    I am looking forward to setting up a new system.
    It was a great learning experience. I will do things different the 2nd time around for sure. One of which will be making things neat and orderly. 🙂

    Thanks Skip!

  15. skippy3840 says:

    Dave, nice set up. Check out mine, it powers all my lights and a 19″ color TV at night.

  16. billypopp says:

    Keep dreaming. That’s how good things get invented.

  17. timetogo40 says:

    have you found a way to make it cost effective
    has anyone ever used several car alternaters to recharge battery. thought about getting 5 or 6 alternaters hooked up together running of 20 hp gas motor to power electric car. Know of any place to purchase electric motor for a small car. Can’t seem to find a good website. PS this plan is just a thought maybe a bad one but a thought.

  18. billypopp says:

    I have to admit. Making your own electricity is not cheap. Large power companies have the economy of size on their side. There is no way you are going to do it cheaper than them.

    But the trade off (as you inferred) is independence or the illusion of it anyway 🙂

    Water power is no magic wand. As with everything, it sounds good on paper.

  19. staticnetwork says:

    My dream is to live in the country off grid without relying on any utility companies. I am dissapointed in the watts that your setup is giving you. What about hydro electricity from a stream/creek/river? I live in Oregon where there are many country properties with some of these.

  20. toxicfrost123 says:

    nope… thats cool

  21. billypopp says:

    Is this a sentence?

    The solar electric system powered a radio tower.

  22. toxicfrost123 says:

    what is the solar power powing anyways light?

  23. billypopp says:

    Hey look in a mirror. I think you have something to get cleaned.

  24. billypopp says:

    Clean your mouth up 🙂

  25. turpincody says:

    i cant see shit dude clean that shit up!!!!!!

  26. hamieh1 says:

    hi,why dont you make it 72 volts battery bank ? that will increase your hours of usage ,and decrease the loss of amps between 24 volts to 120 or 220 volts ,.i have a 72 volts battery bank its much better from 12 and 24 volts and im thinking to make it 120 v battery bank ,

  27. SolarGridUk says:

    CHECK OUT: My Solar Powered Workshop

    Be A Big Supporter and Have A Look :~)

  28. volvo09 says:

    You can’t revive a worn out lead acid, the lead plates turn to a sediment / powder and settle on the bottom of the battery as part of it’s normal lifecycle. No way to revive it, when it’s gone, it’s gone.

  29. econewpower says:

    I don’t recommend used batteries, even if you revive them the loss of the lead from the plates is so large that they won’t hold a charge very long or last very long. Get new real deep cycle batteries if you can. Better a few good ones than many mediocre ones.

  30. Bestundesun says:

    Do you advice if I buy the Lead acid battery for cheap which are dead and revive them and use them as doing so will be cheaper.

  31. Bestundesun says:

    Can you let me know the equipment and the company they belong to ??

  32. MrMagicseeds says:

    ive already bought a 400w wind turbine and 2000w inverter im just thinking now eather get another 400w turbine for £230 or 250w solar panel for £270 ?? i dont know what to get i need which ever will produce most electric for the money

  33. MrMagicseeds says:

    ive already bought a 400w wind turbine and 2000w inverter im just thinking now eather get another 400w turbine for £230 or 250w solar panel for £270 ?? i dont know what to get i need which ever will produce most electric for the money

  34. econewpower says:

    Yes, technology is changing rapidly for sure

  35. spunkyprep says:

    Have you had the chance to check out Unisolar strips? I’m seeing them on ebay for $199 at a claimed output of 124v.  From what i’m seeing, that may be a solution to the ‘breakage’ conundrum.

  36. econewpower says:

    Never had a single bit of problem out of my turbines, those things just keep going strong. You did the right thing getting the HY-1000, in normal winds of around 12mph you’ll be getting around 300 watts out of its 1000 watt rating, of course the power rises very quickly as the wind picks up. Get another 1,000 that’s what I did, the 400 output is too low in moderate wind.

  37. TheMoonrakers says:

    Hi, now that you have had some time using the Windmax turbines, do you still consider them a quality unit? I have a new Windmax 1000w 24V turbine in transit to me that I was able to purchase at a descent price. My original plan was to install two Windmax 400w 12V turbines, as I believe I read somewhere that they have a faster start up in lower wind speeds? Now that I have the 1000w coming, would I be better off putting up two additional two 400w turbines or an additional 1000w. Thanks! Paul

  38. econewpower says:

    @AussieHomestead I can carry more power with smaller wires, fuses, etc. Essentially I can lower my overall AMP load while increasing my WATT load.

  39. bridgetroll9 says:

    Use the solar cells to create and store hydrogen. Purchase a quality gas generator suitable to your energy needs. Convert the generator to burn hydrogen. Wire the generator to feed the main breaker panel.

    Then inform the electric company to remove their property from your residence or legal action will be taken.

  40. OrlandoSystems says:

    Hi and thank you for your reply.
    We are getting 12v from the Cells and will deliver 15kw of 220V/60 hz or 380V triphase. For purpose of reliability, I cannot do anything in series. only paralell. This unit will power a Sea Water Desal unit in Africa (if we can finish the Solar unit). The Solar system will use the Batteries as Buffer and a Diesel Generator as a UPS, in daytime. Rgds, Theo. Orlando Systems.

  41. econewpower says:

    Assuming you’ll wire for 48 volts (I would), then you would end up with four banks of 6 batteries in series each and then the four banks connected in parallel. That will give you 3,312 Amps but at 50% draw you’ll have 1,656 amps usable power which at 48volts equals 79.488 KW. If you plan on using that much in 24 hours then you’ll need a 4KW inverter. The rest is simple just choosing which circuits to wire to a transfer panel with sufficient circuits.

  42. OrlandoSystems says:

    Hi, nice set-up
    I am working on a 15kw, 70 panels, 250w each, Mobile System. I can use some help to figure this one out. I have the offer for panels (SBM), the batteries (VALENCE) but I am stuck on the Inverters and Integration, 220Volt/60Hz. The system is divided in 14 racks of 5 panels each, about 40″ x 80″ per panel. We plant about 24 batteries, at 138ah, for 2hours UPS minimum.
    Your video and install is very professional. I had no time to visit the Great Banks Yet. Tks. Theo.orsys@yahoo.com

  43. ZWATER1 says:

    thanks bro!

  44. econewpower says:

    @TorchwoodElectrics Some on eBay on some on Amazon

  45. econewpower says:

    Got to various web sites for solar power like wholesalesolar, sunelec, etc and they have complete kits of various sizes so you can now pick your price and your wattage. God bless you

  46. burtonlegand says:

    Im really new to this stuff. How much money did you spend roughly did you spend USD? And how far does it get you as far as energy and time? Thank you. Great video

  47. warrencountyoil says:

    I am a happy windmax owner as well,however the charge controller that comes with them is not heavy enough so I built my own.I would like to know if you are a electrician by trade or a ?keep up the good work!

  48. econewpower says:

    Go with 3648 if you can, the higher the battery voltage the lower the amps on the wires and the more efficient power conversion is. For the charge controller you don’ t have to go all the way to batteries if you already have battery cables going to your inverters, just use those to also go to the charge controller, it’s all the same circuit. Yes I was born in Cuba, but I became and American when I became a citizen so I consider myself an American first and foremost. Thanks for posting.

  49. orlan7s1 says:


  50. econewpower says:

    I thought about using forklift batteries, I just can’t trust most places that claim to sell reconditioned batteries to really know what the actual state of them are. If they were new and I had the money to spend $3,000 on a new set I would have gone that route. For now, I’m happy with my decision since I know the condition of the plates and I know and I’m constantly desulfating.

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