Wind Turbine Roof mount system for residential home SkyMax™

Link to roof mount http://store.mwands.com/wind-turbine-mounting/ Link to SkyMax™ wind turbines http://store.mwands.com/wind-turbine-products/skymax/ Missour…


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  1. MissouriWindandSolar says:

    I had to disable the ratings. Wind Energy 7 is using Vagex to give my video
    thumbs down. I guess he doesn’t want to compete. He uses Vagex on all his
    videos to get fake likes and views.

  2. jnull0 says:

    That is an awesome mount Jeff, very well done Sir.

  3. datoken says:

    would guide wires still be used in securing a roof mount like this?

  4. david whitaker says:

    I so need to get one of them. I still would like to sell and do installs
    here in Virginia. I have an older falcon model right now. Do you have or
    interested in doing some wholesale? I run a business where I teach physical
    financial and self reliance.

  5. Alabama Bushcraft says:

    Sweet! Great product Brother Jeff!

  6. john otoole says:

    I thought you have said that the wind off a roof is dirty wind and is not a
    reliable source of wind?
    most roofs in the north east have 16″ on center rafters.
    how tall can the mast be for this stand?

    best john

  7. Wayne Meador says:

    AWESOME Jeff!

  8. Powell Davis says:

    Is that similar to the wind energy 7 mount? 

  9. Delbert McCord says:

    Can this be used for your regular wind turbines? I have one of your 800
    watt AC models.

  10. ZivaForFreedom says:

    Very nice Jeff. Thx for sharing!

  11. SoulSurvivorX2 says:

    Nice job :)

  12. TheLowBuck Prepper says:

    great design?

  13. Backyardhomesteader says:

    What a great design..good job!

  14. Rinoa Super-Genius says:

    nice design.

  15. ian57812 says:

    Always good to see new and improved designs.

  16. Charles McCune says:

    Nice looking Roof mount. 

  17. GoGreenPM says:

    that’s a really nice setup would be great for the top of my trailer..

  18. MO Granny Woman says:

    a good concept

  19. savage1r says:

    That’s genius, I don’t know if you have the time, but I’m on a weekly
    podcast, the welikeshootingpodcast, where we talk about guns, gear and
    gadgets, and your wind and solar company would be a great subject for
    prepping/off grid stuff.

  20. livingready69 says:

    Is there a problem with vibration, sound, and frequency modulation
    associated with the spinning turbine? How long have these roof mounts been
    tested with a running turbine to determine the long term implications to
    the underlying structure?

  21. Parvu Anghel says:

    WindEnergy7 are the biggest joke and scammers ever ! they buy Chinese
    turbine kits for 300$ and resells them for 13,000$ on their website. They
    claim the turbines and the roof mounts are made in Ohio, what a joke ! The
    company stickers MAY BE from USA, that’s it. And you can tell they’re a
    joke company because they have to approve YouTube comments first before
    being posted !

  22. kitkatlex72 says:

    That looks great, whats the best way to install this on a flat roof I
    have this fear about drilling holes on the roof

  23. Steve Dutcher says:

    How much for the roof mounting system?

  24. J Joe says:

    I prefer to never install moving components on my home. But I would install
    this Wind Turbine or solar panel in my yard!

  25. john otoole says:

    where on the roof ridge is the best place location? I see many people put
    it close to an end wall

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