greenDIYenergy Рis a downloadable product that provides valuable information on how to build a solar panel that by multiplying the making of such panels, and by putting them together in structured blocks can result in storing sun energy in a solar system that can be easily made by yourself at home to generate electricity for house appliances. Click Here! for this Do-It-Yourself solar/wind power system

Sky4Energy – is a downloadable product that entails a blueprint to build a device or an antena which has the ability to tap into the air in the sky for energy. It has a step by step easy to follow instructions on how to do it yourself with simplicity that you can make it in the comfort of your home without spending a premium on tradesman and name brands. Act now to download Sky For Energy

Earth4Energy – is a source of downloadable information on the making of solar panels and also a brief on the making of wind turbine and other bonuses regarding the Do-It-Yourself process of creating a solar power system or a windpower system on your own. It is a great source of reference and a wealth of materials covering the process to help you understand the works of it. Buy Earth4Energy now to start your green energy project

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  1. Carolina says:

    I watched the video and they are sinellg you information you can get for free somewhere else. Check out Backwoods Home Magazine . They have a web-site and offer back issues on all their magazines for $5.00. They also offer instruction manuals on everything including solar energy and panel making. They have to cover their printing and mailing costs. If you want something absolutely free go to the library and do a search. You can check the books out or make copies there.

  2. Kalu says:

    Google your question. There are over one mililon sites on the enter net explaining how to hook up solar panels and the equipment needed.If you want to make the solar cells, you can’t without a mulit mililon dollar laboratory / factory to grow the silicon crystals and other things required. You can buy the individual cells and then solder them together if you wish. Just hook them in parallel or series depending on the wattage you require.

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