Homemade Solar Panels Diy tutorial, complete build

In this video I’m showing you how I built some solar panels from start to finish I tried to make it as detailed as possible. These panels cost me very little…
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  1. Youth For Namo says:

    Very nice video…! complete steps for building your own Solar Panel ….!

  2. HEMANG R says:

    Very nice video…! complete steps for building your own Solar Panel ….!

  3. Robbie Lawson says:

    Watched for about 3 mins until the sodder pronunciation got on my tits. The
    word is SOLD ER. He did say flux however and given his annunciation he
    should have said fux.

  4. McHale72 says:

    If those are old window panes, does that mean the glass is UV glass? And
    if so, does UV glass affect solar energy?

  5. Jörgen Ekvall says:

    I wonder, all those tiny cells together. Are they just as efficient as
    ordinary big panels in that size?
    And what do all those cells together usually cost?

  6. alitlweird says:

    i need links from all the assholes who have better “how to build solar
    panels” videos than this guy… and yes, i am looking forward to the
    absolutely correct and proper High English pronunciation of each and every
    word spoken in the tutorial. 

  7. Malik Berry says:

    that a fuckin big ass capacitor I never seen one that big.DO NOT SAY THATS

  8. Phil Mahoney says:

    Not a bad video. I have been lucky to pick up 30 sheets of actual solar
    glass from a company that went bust, I was thinking of placing my cells
    between 2 sheets of glass but have not done so, not due to one person here
    saying it will cook your cells, you can buy commercially available panels
    that are 2 sheets of solar glass siliconed together The company is First
    Solar and they did it so i’m curious if they would significantly overheat.
    Anyway i just dont want to waste an extra sheet of this glass for a back
    panel. I’ll be encapsulating with the 2pt epoxy designed for the job and
    use a foot vibrator on low to vibrate any air pockets out. The most
    expensive i have found so far is the bloody aluminium frames. Anyway great
    video. good onyou.

  9. Markus Carter says:

    What are YOUR solar panels made out of and where/how do you get your
    materials? Also please tell me there is an alternative to making solar
    panels without using silicon and silver.

  10. Interesting Ted says:

    Cool stuff man, great tutorial!

  11. Jørgen Hansen says:

    Good video Kurt.
    Beware of silicone, because some silicone products release acetic acid, and
    can get your leads to acid damage.

  12. George R.R Martin HAT says:

    where did he get those small cells from?

  13. LittleJmal says:

    Thanks for the video : I like the way he describes 

  14. John D says:

    Very nice, subbed ;-)

  15. Stevie Ray says:

    Perhaps you didn’t say How Much the Solar Cells cost–? Did You? and Where
    can The Cells(Blue 6 inch squares) be bought?

  16. Vedi Vici says:

    Thank you sir for the effort which IS appreciated.

  17. jeevan thapa says:

    want to know about
    going green book try *Awsomic Ecosystem* ( search on google)? my friend
    recommended it awesome

  18. Zach The Ripper says:

    what gauge are the wires?

  19. B0M0A0K says:

    This is a brilliant video. Clear and detailed – this is a skill-set you
    will not find in most people. I have no interest in how he sounds or how he
    pronounces things I am just grateful he took the time to share this skill.
    That should be what people who view this video should be focusing on. Great
    work and I look forward to your other videos in this series.

  20. Easo Gucci says:

    Great video it will help me for the zombie apocalypse , or new world order

  21. rfernandezmx says:

    hi! excellent video, just one question, one people told me that if i dont
    use the eva encapsulation and if i only glue the solar cells in the middle
    they will break, as i can see your video is more than 2 years on the air,
    can youtell me if you experienced that problem? thanks in advance

  22. ashfatboy says:

    Sodder lol

  23. wayne whittingham says:

    Good job , makes sense and looks fairly easy

  24. Kevin Nguyen says:

    wait when do people start correcting other on the “world wide internet”.
    God dumb ass rednecks. It conclude that people are retarded who doesn’t
    know the meaning of “world wide”. A+ for the video other then him saying
    “also” 40 billion times.

  25. Michael Brenes says:

    Excellent video and explanation, thank you. I have a question, how much
    voltaje and amp did you get from that entire panel?

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