How to convert magnetic energy into electricity?

Question by chris: How to convert magnetic energy into electricity?
for example, if i had a ring, and it was magnetic – if the ring was rotated, could this spinning, magnetic energy be converted into electricity?
Just to make things interesting…you cant put anything inside the ring (wires etc)…the energy must be converted from the outside! this is whats bamboozling me!

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Answer by Anov
Yes. Due to the rotational movement of the magnetic ring and if there is a conductor in the middle of it in the space, the induced field of of change of flux will induce the emf across the conductor.
This is the principle of electromagnetic induction (Faraday’s Law of induction)

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  1. Karthikeyan says:

    I don’t think anything called magnetic energy associated with a magnet(a ring as u have told).It has a magnetic field.

    If a coil is inserted in the magnetic field and if we make the area exposed to the field changes then current is found to flow in the coil. (a coil is a closed loop conductor)

  2. cunny says:

    You spin the ring inside a coil – current is then induced in the coil.

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