Perendev magnetic motor – Free energy generator

This motor is called the Perendev Motor and it works by itself. It uses the magnetic power from the permanent magnets (neodymium magnets) to self-propel. You…
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  1. Tolstoi_DK says:

    guys i cant understand why peopel inverst that many talent and time in
    projects like that if you only think a bit and undestand basic laws of
    physics you will understand thats its totaly impossible to build energy
    from nothing the only posibility that you have is to mantain energy level
    so let it turn for ever but thats only possible under a theoretical optimal

  2. Roger Romesund says:

    Perendev magnetic motor – Free energy generator…

  3. Diane Negron says:

    yes it does

  4. Asif Javed Mughal says:

    how much rpm?

  5. Tejano Joe says:

    What’s with the extension chord in the background? Try a start-up showing
    both ends are free of manipulation!

  6. Asif Javed Mughal says:

    i like it

  7. Carl Zorro says:

    James, nano nano lol

  8. Sanjay Kadam says:


  9. Chuck Browneye says:

    Perendev stole the plans for this turbine from another Hungarian Inventor
    Imre Borzak in the early 80’s. I saw Imre’s machine working with Ferrite
    magnets (the strongest at the time) and Pyrolytic Graphite shrouds around
    them to concentrate the flux way back in the mid 70’s. It works for sure. I
    did the technical drawings for the engineer. I’m now his son in law!

  10. Jan Samojlowicz says:
  11. leonard skynyrd says:

    In order to have the attraction needed for this to work it would have to
    first have to overcome an equal amount of repulsion.this ,therefore doesn’t
    work,….I guess people will do anything for subscribers on youtube.

  12. Enrico Giampi says:

    I believe that the rotor speed can also be increased with a simple gear
    system. this this is really genious ;)

  13. Pinco Pallino says:
  14. warren wallace says:

    Your on the right track but you only have it half right. I have it built in
    my head but not the money to build it and i know 100% it will power
    anything 100% . On the right scale it would power a city. I have dreams at
    night building it. I can’t get it off my mind.

  15. James Walters says:

    This is the first thing they show you in science class in 6th grade. Free
    energy for ever. Permanent Magnets!!! Your design is the best one yet. The
    Egyptian used permanent magnets in their flying saucer motors, when they
    left the planet. See you on the planet Nirenyoka soon! 

  16. eXtremeDR says:

    Easy enough to rebuild. Trying with a model to find the correct angel and
    distance for the magnets will not cost much. Don’t see a reason why it
    shouldn’t work.
    Thanks for sharing!

  17. Norris Brock says:

    Please tell me, where can I get this magnet design ???

  18. FLASH T says:

    이 기계 갖고싶다. 만드는건 힘들다..

  19. Shashi Obulasetty says:
  20. shon marsh says:

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    For Building The Magnetic Generator For Free Energy
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  21. Daniel Van Koughnett says:

    I understand magnetic energy better than anyone who believes that you can
    build a motor that outputs more energy than you put in. And no, I have not
    seen a working perpetual motion machine, nor have you, nor has anyone. They
    don’t exist, because they defy the fundamental laws of the universe. And
    yes I am smart enough to know they don’t exist, along with every physicist,
    engineer, and any other sane person on the planet.

  22. Daniel Van Koughnett says:

    You want me to explain to you how a make believe device works? Sorry but it
    doesn’t work that way. If you want to claim the laws of the universe are
    wrong, the burden of proof is on you. Finsrud’s device, like all of these,
    are hoaxes designed to take advantage of the weak minded.

  23. Daniel Van Koughnett says:

    So how does this sound to you? “people are not stupid when trying to make
    1+1 equal 3, they learned more than all of the people just lie there and
    tell ‘hey, it doesn’t work'” Yeah sounds pretty dumb right? You can’t
    change the laws of the universe, no matter how hard you wish. The Universe
    just doesn’t care what you choose to believe.

  24. Daniel Van Koughnett says:

    I see you’re still having considerable difficulty with the concept of
    “burden of proof” aren’t you. You are the one making a claim of “free
    energy” the burden is upon you. If you wish to use Finsrud’s device as
    evidence, you are the one who must show that it is a perpetual motion
    device. Finsrud is an artist not a scientist, and even he testifies it is
    not perpetual motion, since he claims it has only run for a max of 14 days.
    No one has seen it run for more than a few hours, therefor it fails

  25. Daniel Van Koughnett says:

    The Gauss gun is an excellent example of what I’m talking about. You think
    you’re making a case for yourself by mentioning it, because you simply
    don’t understand it. The Gauss gun isn’t an example of your free energy,
    not even close. The Gauss gun is very powerful, but it still consumes more
    energy than it imparts to the shot. The Gauss gun is magnetic energy at
    work, but unfortunately for you, it’s working in concert with the laws of
    the universe, not against them.

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