Solar Panel Mirror test HIGH Amps More Free Power DIY green energy

http://www.solarcells101.com Up your solar Power with a Mirror More amps More watts This was a test of one of my DIY Solar Panels to see what a Mirror would …

http://greenenergyhq.com – Are you tired of giving your hard earned money to the energy and oil companies. If so it is time you started joining the green ene…
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  1. Marc Houle says:

    hey, i just finish my solar panel and i have 16 volts but im not able to
    measure my amps ? I have my multimeter so a try to connect my negative wire
    with the negative wire of my multimeter and the same for positive but i
    didnt work ? could you help me to fix that ?

  2. SOLARCELLS101 says:

    Sorry for Taking so Long to Get Back . Im not sure your is Like my
    Multimeter But you should on Most Have a 10 amp setting some have little
    Higher Dont try to test ampos on a car battery 1,000 of amps will blow it
    up You still Put the black wire on com ground and then pull the red wire
    and put on 10 amp hole on your Multimeter this will heat up a coil inside
    so you can read the amps from the solar panel you can read small batterys
    to this is how i find realy cheap AA batterys

  3. SOLARCELLS101 says:

    Are you getting the amp reading at this time from your Multimeter is it a
    digital meter this works Good even the cheap meters from harbor tools china
    work good for testing Volts and amps on solar cells and solar panels Im not
    sure what your Multimeter looks like If some can help ok lets help each
    other Thanks, David solarcells101

  4. Marc Houle says:

    could you explain how did you mesure amp on this solar panel with your
    multimeter ? i try on mine but i didnt work ?

  5. SOLARCELLS101 says:

    Yes its amazing how Much more power if you have the right angle and size
    mirror and you can find Mirrors cheap a yard slaes I got this Big mirror 5
    feet tall 3 feet wide $5.00 Thanks, David solarcells101


    ups it bigtime, i like it

  7. Marc Houle says:

    hey just find out the problem: not using correctly my multimeter ! thank
    for your respond !

  8. P00pWobbles says:

    reducing our carbon footprint is so important

  9. doBIGthangz2 says:

    i like you site a lot

  10. LILcutee6 says:

    i was just looking for some good green DIY products, this is perfect!

  11. MiloTR4 says:

    the info on the site about solar panels was really helpful and it was easy
    to do

  12. 2010CancerWalk says:

    very professional looking video and site is truly informative

  13. 2CmeRollin says:

    we have to do projects this week for the earth since we were off last week
    for spring break so I got a lot of good ideas for ways to go green

  14. Glenn Hough says:

    this is great, a great collection of renewable energy source…

  15. ElginB4me says:

    love the wind power DIY

  16. GettinFit2010 says:

    wonderful video, if we all do a little to help the earth, we can make a BIG

  17. EzelWASH4 says:

    we installed solar on our roof before last winter and already this spring
    it has made a major difference in our power bills

  18. Shy1aSty1ez says:

    Green energy revolution is the future

  19. 591Snoopy says:

    some really useful ideas for DIY projects

  20. Lawyer5213 says:

    great video and site, I got a lot out of it, def going to bookmark

  21. WithMYpeeps2 says:

    what a great rescource with lots of helpful ways to go green

  22. myspaceFOOLA says:

    thanks, great video and site if we all do our part, we can save the planet!

  23. 5friends4me says:

    you have given me some solid ideas to go green, thank you

  24. BillSimmonsBook says:

    had no idea how affordable solar panels were now, good video

  25. BostonRobFanz says:

    I ride my bike to go green and save money

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