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This is a DIY solar 5 kW system that was installed in 2010 as a weekend project. I built this with 2 other people in two days, from the roof penetrations to …


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  1. coolflatroof says:

    Great Roof Integrated Solar Product – Will Pay for your roof and then some!
    ► More solar roofing here

  2. Glenn Hough says:

    How about rain? Wont this thing get wet? wont it affect its performance?

  3. Wesley Walker says:

    Best solar panels yet. They are like this sheets of plastic. 

  4. KyleCarrington says:

    @Shal3000 I’ve often thought the same thing and I do agree with your
    points, however… there are also the high energy consumers that DON”T. The
    current drawing AC motors in dryers, washers, refrigeration, air conditiong
    – all of which do 2 things: 1. draw the most current. 2. Require many
    hundreds of feet of wire for distribution (DC power losses over distances
    are far greater.) Maybe, however, in the future, outlets will have both..
    AC & DC current supply. That’d be cool.

  5. johnlvs2run says:

    How does this work with stainless steel roofs?

  6. tessyblue says:

    sorry to ask, but does nano solar gives AC or DC current?

  7. MegaWeebles says:

    somebody didn’t do physics at school did they? AC, indeed

  8. JohnQPangolin says:

    However good your product is you need to fire the person who made the
    video. We’re not learning anything about cost/kw/hr and payback periods.
    That’s the only metric that matters.

  9. PermaroofOnline says:

    Looks like a fantastic product to go well with our product

  10. Shal3000 says:

    @coolflatroof What needs to happen is manufacturers of common household
    electronics (TV’s, DVD’s, stereos, etc) need to externalize the power
    supply so that a DC source can be applied to the item to run it. This would
    allow for both scenarios wherein someone who has AC only, can plug it in
    and go and someone setting up a Solar PV system can use a direct 12 or
    24VDC power distribution system in the home as well or setup a WiTricty
    distribution system.

  11. gabigowriel says:

    I want to know:price for square meter,efficiency for square meter and why
    you STILL make SHIT videos just to sell a product/fool your customer!

  12. cornandstuff says:

    @MegaWeebles they would have also told you about inverters in physics

  13. stafhon jeseon says:

    I was one of those who never had the courage But now that we have managed
    to build a solar panel and have advanced in knowledge and think make money
    from it not only saves It is unbelievable You can find here
    ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM all the tips guidance …. will learn how to
    build end help build keeping in touch with them and THOSE with EXPERIENCE
    help them find what they need and guiding is one of the best in the market

  14. 3lysium79 says:

    @Shal3000 COMPLETELY AGREE! I’ve been baffled by this for years!

  15. 9753flyer says:

    @Shal3000 A: Invertors now are extremely efficient – loss as literally nil
    B: Those who are serious about solar install DC appliances. Most appliance
    are actually DC anyways and simply use a built in inverter. All major
    appliances are available in DC form for little if any cost difference.

  16. neobudda1 says:

    how much

  17. Krishan Chaudhry says:

    how do you connect to the grid and save on energy and how much the panels
    cost certifed instller chaudhrykrishan@gmail.com

  18. coolflatroof says:

    @Pangolinx1 – I will go ahead and fire him 🙂

  19. joe cam says:

    severe cost???severecost!!! 16 % effective use.why is everybody in solar
    panel industry so greedy????????????????? can you make affordable panels
    that average person can afford??????

  20. SmallWindTurbines says:

    Nice video project man.

  21. lobocop101 says:

    is this like amorphous film?

  22. Clenergy says:

    The main problem is if you don’t tilt your panel and leave them on the
    floor, everytime it’s rainning or the wind blow, you will have a lot of
    stuff on your panel reducing the efficiency. I am not sure you want to go
    on the roof every 3 days to clean them. Installation is something,
    maintenance an other.

  23. coolflatroof says:

    Just as a note: In this video, the solar panels are from Open Energy. The
    company operantly stopped manufacturing those panels for some reason. IB
    produced this video before they actually released SolarWise. IB has just
    released and is now selling IB SolarWise that uses proven Uni-Solar
    thin-film laminates. Actual product looks slightly different, and comes in
    rolls vs. sheets as seen in the video.

  24. coolflatroof says:

    If you talk to solar integrators, you will learn that they hate the roofing
    part of the installation. Remember that panels must be attached to a roof,
    otherwise the wind will knock them down. This “attachment” usually results
    in a leak, which can be avoided by using roof-integrated solar system.

  25. Christopher711 says:

    I am wondering how well they will hold up in a hail storm or if tree
    branches land on then? How easily do they break?

  26. Eric Layton says:

    My new video

  27. Eric Layton says:

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