Wind Solar Hybrid System – Sujalaam Eco Solutions Pvt Ltd.

www.sujalaam.com In environment every step to serve the nature is malleable and politicised, the need for clear, unbiased and committed solutions. The work a…


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  1. Akin Sokehinsi says:

    Pls send your contact for further discussion. Am interested in your
    products. Thanks

  2. dexter2433 says:

    i have a very small set up like this
    very happy with it so far
    have small 400w wind generator
    and 400w of solar tied to 6 175ahr 6v batteries with a 1000w pure sine
    and run 2 tv’s and 2 computers and internet router 100% off grid´╗┐

  3. Hamid chachi says:

    Hi, I am Hamid Chachi head manager ofa company located in Morocco , sourcing solar system products (from solar panels or wind turbines) including all electric components that works with, at this time I am in USA getting some solar courses to get the NABCEP certificate.
    If you can would you send me a catalog with all your products and quotation fob Casablanca.
    Thank you

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