DC to AC Inverters

DC to AC Inverters

Not only DC to AC inverter is essential in the process of converting sunlight to electricity, but the choosing of the right resource to build small solar powered system is equally important, and that would lead you to Earth4Energy Review: “Earth4Energy” reveals much information regarding solar energy, solar panel and how to build it and Do-It-Yourself blueprint to making DC to AC inverters produces electricity for your household consumption.

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  1. Lightendog says:

    Any way you could do a video on the AC to AC grid tie inverters? Hardly no
    info out there on these units but they do sell them now.

  2. Bikerbob59 says:

    Thanks was wondering what the difference was going to have to change some
    stuff in the preps now.lol

  3. MissouriWindandSolar says:
  4. McCuneWindandSolar says:

    I will have some videos coming out on how to modify a APC unite and take it
    from a 980 watt pure wave inverter to a 1500 watt inverter Pure sign wave
    inverter. soon. Already modded on now to mod the other to make the videos

  5. xanataph says:

    So called “Modified Sine” inverters should really be called “Modified
    Square Wave” inverters, as their output is essentially a square wave but
    with a short “dead time” between the +ve & -ve excursions.

    They run resistive loads perfectly well, such as incandescent light bulbs
    and heating elements. But there are issues when you connect them to
    inductive and capacitive loads.

    This is because a square wave’s power is not only at the fundamental
    frequency, 60Hz in most cases. Much ov it’s power is also delivered at
    120Hz, 180Hz and so on in a descending way.

    Induction motors can not use the power delivered above 60Hz very
    effectively, they tend to dissipate it as heat. So you use your battery
    quicker and your motor gets hotter running modified square.

    Capacitive fed power supplies are a problem too. A much higher current
    passes through the dropper cap when it is fed on mod. square. This tends to
    overheat it and generally leads to it cooking over time and failing. Often
    it can actually become a fire hazzard.

    Switch-mode power supplies generally have no problem with a square wave
    input. This is because the first thing they do is rectify the power to DC.
    So the incoming waveform is not very important.

    But it can be a problem in audio gear though as those harmonics from the
    square wave can pass through the power supply section and into the audio
    lines, where it tends to make a nasty buzz in the speakers. It largely
    depends on the particular piece ov gear and also how fussy you are about
    it. :)

  6. Ronne Richter says:

    Jeff, you said in this video that the plug in grid tie inverter can be
    plugged into any house wall outlet and back feed into the grid if it is not
    used by the house. Can this heat that circuit if it is sending a lot back
    into the house wiring? Huge safety issue there. AND more importantly, if
    you send this back through your meter aren’t you still paying the utility
    company for your excess power? Without a true grid tie inverter all the
    excess energy you send back to the grid is charged to your account correct?

  7. From Urban to Country Homestead says:

    Great info once again Jeff, thanks for sharing. ollllllllo

  8. Bonnie Flory says:

    I have been using inverters for a lot of years now because we live in an
    area where the power would go out for just looking at the sky.
    Inverters may use a lot of power just for having them hooked up to the
    batteries and/or turned on without having a load hooked up to the inverter
    at all ( idle). My inverter uses 20 watts of power just in idle, so be
    cautious and check into it.
    I used to have a smaller modified inverter and fans and motors would humm
    with it and CFL bulbs would kinda stay dim, until I bought doubled the
    power of an modified inverter. Motors are quiet and lights have more
    output. There is nothing that this inverter could not run yet, except as
    noted below.

    There is one thing to note on using a modified inverter. Electric drills
    with an electronic speed control have an very good potential to be killed
    and to burn up as well as some cordless battery chargers.
    Also to note is that most inverters will shut down at about 10.5 volts,
    which is to low of an voltage and would damage batteries if they would get
    that low.

  9. GarageDoorMan89 says:

    Is it safe to be running a garage door opener from a modified sine wave
    inverter? Or will it shorten the lifespan of the motor and control board?
    It’s lifting a 7 foot high door. I don’t want to ruin a $250 unit

  10. Matt Lesak says:

    With the cost of pure sine wave inverters dropping, just spend the extra
    and then you don’t have to worry about what you plug in besides the load it
    will draw.

  11. Tinggoy Lim says:

    Would that Grid Tie inverter work on 220 VOLTS?

    1. Agus says:

      Some factors to coinsder:-Place your solar cells at the best angle for the current season to optimize your exposure to solar energy.-You can have an off-grid or on-grid system, Off the grid you are going to be storing your power in batteries, with a circuit designed to best charge your batteries for different changes in weather i.e. cloudy days, low sunlight conditions.You will also need to look into power inverters to take that DC battery power and transform it 120V AC (U.S.)-An on-grid system will send your power directly into the grid of your utility company. Instead of producing your own power you will be paid for the energy you supply to the grid.-5 KWh = 5000 W * hHow many hours of sunlight do you average per day?5000 / hours of sun = the wattage your solar power plant needs to produce.i.e. 5000/6 = 833.3 Watt system needed.

  12. Aceman307 says:

    Knurlgnar24 does a great job of putting different inverters through there
    paces. If you have a chance check out his channel.

  13. WORRO01 says:

    Thumbs up!~~John

  14. rick d says:

    Jeff, I’ve watched at least 20 of your videos today! I have learned so
    much. Thank you so much. When I can afford to I will definitely buy from
    you when I’m ready to get my wind turbine generator. 🙂 Mahalo

  15. sha whit says:

    Great info Jeff. Gets you really wondering. What is best for each
    household. Glad for your input. Thanks.

  16. Richard Maunder says:

    Thank you for this video Jeff. :)

  17. Raymond Earle says:
  18. ChileExpatFamily says:

    How do these work with foreign currents? 220/50 ? What about bigger
    equipment like a welder or air compressor? What about off grid situations?
    Does the outback work better with 220? What about situations where you are
    combining wind turbines and solar? Will I need two separate systems.

  19. Richard Downer says:

    great video, thanks for the info.

  20. ronald sardes says:


  21. cabmaker says:

    Thanks great videos I have learned a lot by watching these. Keep them

  22. Jeffrey Mccarty says:

    This video is very informative for a novice wind turbine and solar panel
    owner on inverters.

  23. mags71 says:

    Good info never knew about the double power draw on the modified inverter
    compared to pure. ( looks like a few didn’t ).

  24. john otoole says:

    The PMG produces a sine wave, we call it wild AC because it varies
    according to the speed of the shaft. The frequency of the cycle, which is
    the voltage changing from positive to less positive, changes with the speed.
    An inverter, dc (direct or constant current from a battery or solar panel,
    etc) to AC (alternating current, voltage and frequency cycles) to be
    similar to the Power Company Grid of your area. The power companies motor
    like generators to produce the grid which gives a true sine wave form at a
    rated frequency, like 60 cycles per second or hertz.
    A modified sine wave takes the dc, constant voltage and pulses it to
    imitate the AC grid. Now how well the inverter performs that is what you
    pay for. A modified wave has the top’s of the waves cut off, which means
    you don’t get a full cycle. A true sine wave inverter gives the full sine
    wave from a constant voltage.
    You can not plug one of these inverters or a portable generator into the
    grid because the the wave form cycles are not matched at the same
    frequency, meaning the grid could be at the peak while the inverter is at
    the zero points which would cause a short or boom.
    The grid tie inverter will sync or match the two sine waves together and
    combine the power together, this is why when the utility power grid goes
    down so does your grid tie inverter. However your grid tie inverter will
    sync with any grid source like portable generator or a inverter running off
    batteries as long as you isolate your home power grid ties from the public
    power grid by turning off the main panel breakers.
    hope this helps

  25. vergil heartnet says:

    Truth to be told, if there was an AC/DC concert in Hell,I wouldn’t mind
    heading there once , lol

  26. Iskender Agha says:

    Buenos Aires rocks!

  27. acdcrocker22 says:

    After learning about Malcolm’s dementia, it really makes it hard for me to
    listen to this concert. I alway’s thought to myself: “man the Malcolm tone
    is really lacking this concert, except for on Shoot to Thrill.” There
    seemed to be an instant spark the second Mal kicks in during the intro, and
    I was confused why the rest of the concert didn’t sound like this. Knowing
    that he was struggling with it during this tour is hard to fathom, but i
    feel as if something inside him went off and he just explodes like you
    would expect from him.

    But it’s a bittersweet victory as you can also catch glimpses of him slowly
    falling. For example, right after the first chorus going into the second
    verse, Malcolm plays the suspended A chords with Angus (like on the record)
    but Mal’s played the main riff itself during that part live since 1980. Go
    look at any live version and you’ll hear him play the main riff instead of
    the open A’s.

    Then you reach the breakdown. He hits an A, G, and D during the entire
    thing, when he’s supposed to do 2 open A’s, a little run up the 6th sting
    into the A, G, D twice, then the little run again, but aggressive (along
    with the bass) into the vocals.

    Now why would he play it different then of all times when he’s done it the
    same way for 25+ years at that point. Maybe it’s because he forgot. I’m not
    sure. It’s just a theory really. And I hate to think the worst. So I’m sad
    that he can’t remember anymore, but knowing that and hearing that explosive
    intro really makes me happy. It makes me feel that even when things seem to
    be at their worst, there’s always that fire inside just waiting to come

  28. Beatrice Kirsten says:

    AC/DC – Shoot to Thrill: http://youtu.be/VlWgVdrnuhU

  29. Xion Sieghart says:

    I never tire of listening to your songs x3

  30. Ozzy Pit Bull says:

    Non ho sonno….shoot to trill, a palla!!!!

  31. Johnny Sandoval says:

    AC/DC –
    Shoot to Thrill:


  32. Giuliano De Nardis says:

    AC/DC – Shoot to Thrill: http://youtu.be/VlWgVdrnuhU

  33. Ville Pirinen says:


    So big and so loud :)

  34. Anna Wesp says:

    AC/DC – Shoot to Thrill (Live at River Plate 2009)

  35. Dario Verardo says:
  36. DjVader112 says:

    i’ve never been to any concerts before just one question,how do you pee
    with a crowd like that?

  37. kingwells2 says:

    The Argentinian crowd looks crazy! Love from UK

  38. lucio cianci says:

    AC/DC – Shoot to Thrill: http://youtu.be/VlWgVdrnuhU

  39. gábor kispál says:
  40. daniel cordero says:

    Una de mis favoritas de este grupos =)

  41. michael rumiche tejeda says:

    The best crowd of the world !!!

  42. boiledelephant says:

    They’re holding up *really* well, all things considered, but I think vocals
    are the thing that age most noticeably. Your guitar playing can improve
    with age in a way that your voice usually can’t…

  43. Lahouari Boulayoun says:
  44. Szilárd Mátrai says:

    Sorry for Malcolm, you can recognize at 4:15 there are no pick-ups in his
    guitar. But anyway it is one of my favourite concerts.

  45. Saverio Ciotoli says:

    9 Luglio 2015, Imola. Biglietto fatto !!
    Ho quasi paura

  46. Paul Sisalema says:

    Mis respetos de conciero Argentina increible

  47. Enzo Racchi says:


  49. The Real Bonnie Tyler Not Even Kidding says:

    This makes me wanna go to an AC/DC concert!

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